The move

Hi my name is charlotte Jane Harvey, my mum married a twit when I was two and I hate him. He got a job in LA and my life changed forever and it was hell. I dress like an emo act like a skater and hate lables I love rock music,band tshirts and my skateboard Kevin I named my board that don't judge


7. chapter 5

*1 week later*

*vlogging* hey guys today is the day I move to la all my stuff has been shipped over dreick whent a week early to set all our stuff up I'm going to the airport in RJs car with jemma and my mums got all our suitcases in her car with DJ so yeah ill vlogg at the airport and start editing on this weeks video on the plane I had to make that video on my vlogging camera so the lgjting will be terrible and" "shut up and get in the car" jemma rudely interrupted"ok I am"*turned off camera*. * end of vlogg* " its so unfair that CJ can have a youtube channal and all that crap she uses RJ gets a car but you wont even let me take my drivers test!" Jemma moaned"its because you got drunk at my sisters wedding punched your cousin Emma and threw cake at your grandpa" said my mum as she got into her car and jemma shut up and finally git into RJs car "OMG RJ your car stinks of boys and sweat!" Jemma screamed"no it doesn't just shut up or your going to break my glasses" I said to her I just got glasses and they're black nerd glasses I think they look decent but jemma says I look like a freak.i put my head phones in and sat in thane back seat I put on American idiot by green day and just sat in silence its a only a twenty minutes drive to the airport and the whole way there it was chucking it down and jemma had her window open she is so thick. When we got to the airport I vlogged more then border the plane edited a video then slept for the rest of the flight when I got off of the plane I saw him

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