The move

Hi my name is charlotte Jane Harvey, my mum married a twit when I was two and I hate him. He got a job in LA and my life changed forever and it was hell. I dress like an emo act like a skater and hate lables I love rock music,band tshirts and my skateboard Kevin I named my board that don't judge


6. chapter 4

time to pack up my video stuff I thought to my self . My mum gave me some ​boxes and some bubble wrap. Today I put my long blue hair in a fish tale plait, I tied my white bandanna with black patterns around my forehead, I put on one of jb shirts on he sent me one cos I said I liked it when we facetimed and I put on my Bronx joggers.I wraped up my tri pod and big Camera, my mum helped me pack up my lighting kit and my green screen.then I face timed JB " hey Justin my most of my stuff is packed yay" I said excitedly."are you wearing my shirt? " he asked cheekily " yesh it smells nice and its comfy" I replied " I have to go because i have to take a shower see you in a week " " bye beautiful girl" he replied and me being the akward person i am I blushed and ended the call. I cant wait to see him again its been like 3 years dlsince I've seen him in person we met when we were 11 and his family cane on holiday to England for his summer holiday so we hung out and slept over at each others houses because that rented someone's house.i put ny ipod in shuffle permanent vacation by 5 SOS came on and I hopped in the shower I used this shampoo that doesn't wash out hair dye and regular conditioner I had to wright my name on all my shower stuff I shaved my armed and legs and washed my body then got out,dryed my hair put on my American football jersey on that I got in LA I got one that was way to big for me so I could keep it for ages and my plan worked and I put on some black leggings and whent to bedn

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