The move

Hi my name is charlotte Jane Harvey, my mum married a twit when I was two and I hate him. He got a job in LA and my life changed forever and it was hell. I dress like an emo act like a skater and hate lables I love rock music,band tshirts and my skateboard Kevin I named my board that don't judge


5. chapter 3

later that day I was up in my room editing the video from today when I heard a knock at my door "come in" I said and my mum walked in smiling like a maniac."charlotte- Jane I have some exciting news for you" she said as she sat down on my desk chair and turned to face me." Mum can you please call me CJ?"

"no.ok so the news is that next week we're moving to LA The same place we went on holiday and where you met Justin."she said as she kept smiling.

​"OH MY GOD! Yes I hate it here I have no friends because every one thinks I'm emo or both and that judge me on what I look like" I screened as I jumped up and down on my bed. "okay okay stop jumping you are going to break that laptop. I hope get that reaction from the twins and Dylan Joe.start packing your clothes and leave a bag full of stuff for a week I'll get you some boxes and bubble wrap for your tri pod,lights,microphone,and cameras that you don't want to vlog'll have to wait a week after we get there so you might want to make a video explaning what's happening and why there wont be a weekly video for 2 weeks" she said as she got up and walked off to jemmas room. I face timed jb on my macbook."seriously.i hope you live on my street I'm going to pick you up at tha air port I can't wait to hug you again" he said as he smiled like a little kid on Christmas day "me too I cant wait to hug you either do you still skateboard?" I smiled back " of course I saw your new video so you obviously still do." He replied "you watch my videos?" I asked confused " yeah I was your first subscriber." He said confidently " aww thanks as soon as I get to LA you shall be in one of my vloggs. Hang on let me get my vlogging camera and you can be in my LA journey series." I grabbed my camera and turned it on

*vlogging*. " hey guys wats up 20 minutes ago I got told I was moving to LA the land of youtubers and my only friend jb lives there and he was my first subscriber and he's in my vlogg." *points camera at laptop screen*" he's going to be in my vliggs and videos a lot now as and there wont be a skater Saturday vid for 2 weeks but there will be vloggs if my LA adventure : Of me packing and junk and when I land you will see jb again so bye stay weird" * puts hand over camera and ends vlogg* after vlogg*. "I have to go to bed now cos its 11 pm in England bye see you tomorrow cos I'm going to face time you at 1pm so pick up bye" I said and hung up the call

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