Movellas of the Week

Since I like to read a lot, I thought I'd read through more Movellas, selecting my favourite picks of the week. I'm quite an Oldie when it comes to Movellas, so I know my way through all of it quite well I feel. Anyway, enjoy!


3. Zero (Masks: Book 1) - AmyWilliams

Zero (Masks: Book 1) - AmyWilliams


Oh my God, this author has written so much content it is unreal. This Movella Zero has over 1300 views, yet not many people have actually taken the time to read it, probably due to the fact that it is over 3.5 hours long... The blurb of the book is the following: 


Since witnessing her father's murder when she was twelve, Iris Bloom has come to hate her town and all crime in it. However, she never knows how to act on her emotions. She takes many classes, including martial arts, in an attempt to suppress her anger. However, she finds a different use or them when she meets Raven, an anti-social and mysterious boy with equal training. They decide to fight crime together, but how can they trust each other when each is keeping secrets from the other. 


I have still yet to decide whether I think this Movella would be a Batman and Robin kinda thing, or Sherlock and Watson. Either way, I think this is definitely a good read for anyone into crime novels. It is written in a sophisticated manner, yet using simple words. From the first paragraph, which describes how she was ripped from her childhood and thrown in a dark place in life, you'll be hooked into reading it all I am sure. Keep up with the writing AmyWilliams! You've written so much is it hard to imagine how long you've been typing on your keyboard!

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