Movellas of the Week

Since I like to read a lot, I thought I'd read through more Movellas, selecting my favourite picks of the week. I'm quite an Oldie when it comes to Movellas, so I know my way through all of it quite well I feel. Anyway, enjoy!


4. Whisper | Mir-Lots-Of-Scares


Whisper | Mir-Lots-Of-Scares


First off, can we take a moment to look at the cover of this Movella, though is wasn't done by the author I thought I should take a moment to appreciate it. Well done Violets, very beautiful cover art work. The blurb of the Movella is a long one, though it does set the mood:


//He had a smile on his face like the climax of a novel, and his kisses were the chorus to a treasured song.\\ Benedict has lived six months in a ragged half existence, torn apart after his twin brother's accident. Still, when he meets Whisper, the happy-go-lucky boy in the wheelchair who volunteers at his support group, Benedict starts to realise that maybe it isn't totally impossible for him to begin enjoying life again. It's only after the two uncover some incriminating evidence that Ben understands that his brother's car crash wasn't quite so accidental as he originally though. \\The amazing, beautiful, wonderful cover is by @violets//


Though this Movella was only released this August, it has drummed up a lot of attention. With 205 comments, 58 likes, 51 favourites and over 3700+ views this is surely to become one of the most iconic pieces of writing on the website. This Movella is written in a sophisticated manner, whilst using a slight sense of humour, an example being the beginning of the Movella when Benedict Akamatsu thinks about the fact that his brother ruined his car first rather than his health. From the reading through the Movella, I can't see any mistakes, except in the first chapter, after the first paragraph there is a line on its own. 'The state Ben was in', shouldn't it be the state Benedict was in, since Ben was the one in hospital already, so he couldn't get himself in an accident too. However that is a mistake we all make, believe I mix names all the time, anyway, Mir-Lot-Of-Scares, this Movella is sure to go far and with your popularity, I expect you'll get further!

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