Movellas of the Week

Since I like to read a lot, I thought I'd read through more Movellas, selecting my favourite picks of the week. I'm quite an Oldie when it comes to Movellas, so I know my way through all of it quite well I feel. Anyway, enjoy!


2. Rogue - Native

Rogue - Native


The reason I was drawn to this Movella was due to the fact that the cover were two wolves, and I love wolves, Direwolves are the best, House Stark. The blurb is:


Of all the people why did it have to be me? I had no choice to either be rogue or stay in a pack that won't accept me. I can't shift yet but once I can they want me back. In major editing.


Before I start with the review, Native, I would like to recommend that you do a cover with lettering, I personally think it just makes it feel more like a book. Don't have to just a person thing I have, anyway, onto the review. The Movella currently has three chapters and over 10 minutes work of reading, along with 14 likes as of the writing of this review. 


The plot of the Movella is rather a mature and dark one from the first chapter. It is about the daughter of a Alpha male in a pack, though this would lead you to believe she would have more protection, it is far from it and she abused by her Father and the rest of the pack. This is all following after the mother leaving her Father, she had a so called mate, him and his friends would rape her. When falling pregnant before, the baby was taken from her and she was told that they killed. 


There is some more writing in process of this Movella clearly, but it has the making of a great plot and ideas. Though there is the odd typo, it doesn't exactly matter. Keep up the good work Native!

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