Love is worth to fight for

If you want someone you got to fight to win over their heart. Who will win her over. These 3 boys will fight to get her.


2. Where am I

Niall p.o.v
The eyes cried out in pain as the light through the window tortured it. My head was pounding and I felt like puking. When I open my eyes I noticed a lot of makeup and jewelry on the mirror drawer and the room was so clean. Wait this is not my room. I was freaking out  but the vomit was about to come out so I rushed out of the room searching for the bathroom. Where would the bathroom be I thought. When I climb the stairs I heard the shower on. I didn't want to go inside because someone was taking a shower, but I didn't have any control over myself. I pushed the door open, bent down and vomit all of the liquid out of my body. I tried to be has quiet has I could to not make the person in the shower know that I was there. Luckily the person didn't hear me. I got up and sneak out of the bathroom.


I looked around, the place was really awesome. The person may be rich I thought. I didn't want to be a trouble so I decided to find my keys and leave. Looking around in the kitchen, I noticed that the person may has been making tea. I really needed it since I still had a headache. I didn't think the person would mind if I drink some since they didn't mind I slept over their house. I pour my self some tea and then my phone started to ring in my pocket. It was so loud, I must have put the volume up last night. I answered it." Hello?" I asked. "hey man, where are you?" It was Harry. " I don't even know myself."" What do you mean you don't know? Are you kidnapped." I heard him laugh." I don't know maybe. I got up this morning and saw myself not in my flat."" Are you kidding." He thought I was joking.


I was about to answer him when I heard," Tyra what took you so long? You will never believe what happened last night." When I turned around I was a brown hair girl with blue eyes in a white towel coming in the kitchen. When she realized it was me she said," Oh it's you." What does she mean, it's you. Don't she know me, Niall Horan, from One Direction, or maybe where she came from she don't know 1D. She don't sound like she's from England anyway." I thought you were my friend."  She said with a disgust look on her face. At first I couldn't say anything but I fought the words out," Who are you and what am I doing here." I asked." Niall, Niall, what's going on?." Harry asked." I'll call you back." I said turning off the phone. My eyes were still on her. Staring at her, I noticed how beautiful she was. " Well let's just say that without my help, I don't know what would have happened to you." She explained everything that had happened and when she was done, I felt a little embarrassed. " Ummm, thank you," I said," I hope you don't mind me drinking some tea." " I made that for you because I knew you wouldn't feel good when you get up." I noticed how calm and not fan- girlish she acted." You're different from the other girls I've met." I said." Well because I am." She said and turn around and walked away. I couldn't help myself but stared at her back part as she left the room. I took a sip of the tea and said," wow."


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