Love is worth to fight for

If you want someone you got to fight to win over their heart. Who will win her over. These 3 boys will fight to get her.


1. Do you need a ride

Jyliani p.o.v

It was a chilly night as I waited for my ride to go home. Where are they​, I asked myself. I was cold outside a club waiting for my friends to arrive. They had went to a boy's house. I didn't want to go so they told me to wait for them and they would pick me up at 12:30 but now its 12:46. The coldness peirced through my skin. The only thing I was wearing was a tight short and strapless brown and black dress with a black high heels. My legs were hurting. I was so uncomfortable and was turning to go back in the club when I saw a jrunk guy who looked like he was about to pass out. I rushed over to him to see if he was OK. I held him up and looked him in the face. I couldn't see his face because it was dark outside. I pull him to a place with light and looked at his face. And there he was, Niall Horan. He looked so terrible but his face was still cute. I was not a fangirl so I didn't really freak out." Um are you OK," I asked. He just coughed and nod. I let go of him and asked," Do you need a ride home or can you drive." He just nod his head again. I really was happy to drive him home because I could use his car to take me home but I also didn't know where he lived so I just took his keys and he led me to his car. I helped him in the car, it took a long time but he finally got in it. His car was beautiful. I sat down in the driver seat and put the key in. I took a look at Niall, his eyes met mines and he he smiled. I quickly looked away and started the car. I decided that he'll just have to sleepover at my my place( more like my friend's). As I was driving I felt a hand on my lap and noticed it was Niall's. I looked at him and he had a smirk on his face. I pushed his hands off my lap and he laughed. I was getting so pissed and felt like stopping the car and abandoning him out on the street." Thank you." I heard him say. I didn't answer but just kept on driving. I felt his eyes in me has I drove but I just ignored it. When we finally reached the house, I rushed out of the car to open the front door. I ran back to the car and tried very hard to bring him in. He kept falling because he was heavy. I pulled in the house and shut the door, I locked it and bend down  trying to catch my breath. I glanced at Niall who was sitting on the floor with his back head on the wall. I wanted to leave him there and go sleep but I knew that would be wicked. I pulled him up and led him to my room. It was up the stairs but I manage to carry him up. He groaned has I pulled him up. When we reached my room I pushed him on the bed and helped him take off his shoes. I then pulled my comforter on him. It was a hard work but when I was done I was proud but mostly tired. I couldn't wait to sleep. I changed my clothes to a sort and a tank top but decided to take a hot shower. After that I ate some food and headed to bed. I didn't want to sleep on the bed with him so I slept in my friend's room. She wouldn't mind. I hope when I get up she'll be here to help me explain to Niall. I fell a sleep within a minute. What a night I thought while drifting to dream land. 




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