A Teenagers Life

This tells about the horrible lives a teenager has. It'll probably only be like, 3 or 4 chapters and it is probably going to be the worst story ever so...enjoy! :)


2. Chapter 2

They're always ranting about something. If it's not one thing it's another. And then they create fictional characters (most popularly Casper) and say they took it. They yell and gripe and make you wanna slit their throats until they find it. Then they go on and on and on about how no one touches it and crap like that and then they finally shut up. Once they find it they are sarcastic about everything else for the rest of the day until they go to sleep, then they become a huge suck up for about the next week and a half, really aggravates the crap outta a person. Then comes the complaining about something killing them. Uugghh, the horror. You couldn't find something and now your in a hell of a lotta pain because you found it.

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