A Teenagers Life

This tells about the horrible lives a teenager has. It'll probably only be like, 3 or 4 chapters and it is probably going to be the worst story ever so...enjoy! :)


1. Chapter 1

You know. Your expected to do this and that as a teenager. You never actually get to experience a real childhood like your supposed to because in comes the chores and all the homework and the moving and pimples and blackheads I mean...where does it end? You can't relax or you'll get grounded. You can't work because your too young. You can't clean all day because then your constantly asked if your ok. You can't talk to your parents about your problems because they always tell you to shut up or stop complaining. You change your mind on something while your parents are talking about something completely different and they think that you changed your mind because of the plans your parents have made, then they try to make you feel guilty. Living a teenage life is one of the hardest to live. School is more important. Respect is DEMANDED, and it's not returned when you give it.


Now there are changes going to be made. No respect should be given unless it is given to you first. No more trying to talk about your problems because you get yelled at if you do (they take it as complaining). Give all of your time to school, good jobs create good homes. Do your chores everyday. Act like everything is all nice and good until the straw breaks the camels back, then unleash the emotions that have been bottled up. Don't hardly talk to anyone. Stay at home. Have no life, no social life. Be bored all the time and you will have become your parents dream child.

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