"Dear Maria's Diary"

That is my diary.
Hey! I'm Maria and my life is just full of drama and things like that, but I think my life isn't special.
But, yeah, this is my diary, my world, the story of my life and I really hope you like!


3. {5/12/2015}

Dear Diary,

'I'm fine.'

That's my "every day" lie. When a person ask me 'how are you', i just answer 'I'm fine' with my biggest false smile when in reality I just want cry. But you want to know one thing? I'm sick of lies!

I don't know why I lie. I think it's because I have fear of what people will think if I tell them the truth. But like Halsey says 'I don't have to fucking tell hem anything' and I think that she is right! They don't have to know the truth, they are just humans.

And I'm just me.


Maria xx

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