"Dear Maria's Diary"

That is my diary.
Hey! I'm Maria and my life is just full of drama and things like that, but I think my life isn't special.
But, yeah, this is my diary, my world, the story of my life and I really hope you like!


6. {30/12/2015} - nightmare

Dear Diary,

Today, I am going to tell you something different. I had one of the worse and best nightmares ever (it had a good and a bad part) and I want to tell you because it was quite awesome!

So lets go:

I was in the middle of the woods. I was listening steps but there wasn't anyone there. 

Suddenly, the sky turned black and full of stars and I felt a hand in my shoulder. I looked to see who was it and it was Alex (the boy I love). Then he said that he love me and that we had to run because we weren't safe there. He held my hand and we started running. 

Suddenly I stumbled. Everything around me started spinning around. Then I saw Alex with Lucy (his gf / it's not her real name). They were laughing loudly. I closed my eyes in the hope that it would desappear. 

I opened them and everything was gone. I was in a room. A huge white room. Suddenly someone put a thing in my eyes so I couldn't see and take me. I was being kidnapp! 

I was trying to shout but I couldn't. I was trying harder and harder but I couldn't produce any sound! It was impossible.

Suddenly I started listening sounds of people fighting! But I couldn't listen more because I felt in a deep sleep. The last thing I remember was someone calling my name.

Again I woke up (in the dream) and I was in a really cute bedroom. I was laying in the bed. I got up and I was with a big headache  but I didn't know why. I was in the second floor so I went downstairs and I found a boy on the couch. Probably the boy that saved my life. I got closer to him to see better his face. It was Calum Hood! He looked like a angel. Well, he is an angel... He is my hero, he saved me!

He looked back and saw that i was there. He got up from the couch he was sitting earlier and he hugged me. It was not just an hug, it was a really thigh hug. He stand there for a little bit. Then he put me away slowy, put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me. I didn't know what to do. But there was a little weird thing that was going on. Everything was going to well!

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. He opened the door and someone shooted! I just saw him falling and tried to run to help him but something was stopping me like a huge invisible wall! Just the fact that he was suffering and I couldn't do anything was destruing me! I was already crying my eyes off! I closed my eyes because I couldn't see my baby in that horrible moment... He was dying and I couldn't help him! That was probably the worse feeling that I ever felt....

Suddenly I woke up (in reality)! I was crying and sweating and my duvet was on the floor. It was awesome and bad at the same time! So I decided to write it to you!


I hope you like because I had so much work to remebered half of the dream!

Ps.: The dream really happened!

Love yall,

Maria xx

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