"Dear Maria's Diary"

That is my diary.
Hey! I'm Maria and my life is just full of drama and things like that, but I think my life isn't special.
But, yeah, this is my diary, my world, the story of my life and I really hope you like!


5. {28/12/2015}

Dear Diary,

I wish I couldn't feel anything. That would be great. I wouldn't feel happiness, sadness, ... nothing at all!

I wouldn't feel my heart breaking into million pieces. No more suffer, no more feelings, no more heartbreakings, no more happiness, no more sadness, no more fear, no more nothing!

Just imagine: the life with no feelings. If the life was like that the people would never hurt each other! That would be great because everytime I'm walking in the street, I see lots of people without home, without love, without everything. But sometimes is better like that because in that way you will give more importance to things like food and clothes. Sometimes that people are more happy than me. But that is not very difficult...


Maria xx

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