"Dear Maria's Diary"

That is my diary.
Hey! I'm Maria and my life is just full of drama and things like that, but I think my life isn't special.
But, yeah, this is my diary, my world, the story of my life and I really hope you like!


4. {19/12/2015}

Dear diary,

It hurts. It hurts when I see them kissing, when I see them hugging, when I see them holding hands, ...

They can do whatever they want, but she know that she is hurting me. And that's what hurts more because she was my friend. She knew that I loved him. I still love but I don't know. It's strange.

The way he looked at me didn't change. He look at me with his brown chocolate passion eyes. His eyes are just breathtaking!

It's hard when I'm with him and then he start talking about her. It's awful. I just fell unconfortable. When he does that or when they kiss or hug my heart just break in milion pieces.

Because in the end of every day, I'm still the heartbreak girl from yesterday.


Maria xx

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