Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


7. Unmasked

Two weeks past since Drago's encounter with the Darkus warrior, he couldn't get the image of his true face out of his head... he looked exactly like Dan. Then Drago decided enough was enough it was time to bring him in, Drago joined the brawlers in the conference room and runo was the only one absent. "Where's Runo" Julie asked "Where she always is.....the memorial room" Shun said "I'll go get her" Drago said as he left the room and went to see Runo who was sitting down looking at Dan's holographic image "Runo.....they need you upstairs" Drago said "I' there in a sec" she said as she turned to look at Drago, who in turn saw that Runo was still crying. She still hadn't gotten over Dan's loss, the Drago decided to tell her everything about his fight when he finished Runo was shocked"'re saying that Dan....OUR Dan is the Darkus warrior?........if you're right, then what happened to him Drago, he didn't just become Naga's servant.....did he....: "NO! GOD NO! he would never join Naga Intentionally, unless he was forced or worse.....oh god Naga wiped his mind and tricked him". "we have to tell the others " "no, not now....besides I have a plan to capture him and bring him back to YOU" said Drago. Runo smiled and cried more as she embraced Drago who in turn embraced Runo"thank you really are Dan Kuso's Brother". As the two walked to the conference room Drago told everyone his plan "ARE YOU INSANE! FORGET CAPTURE! I BARELY SURVIVED 2 MINUTES AGAINST THAT GUY!" Shun said "you don't have to fight him for long, you just have to distract him long enough for me to knock him out" Drago said "And you don't have to do it alone" said another voice "Wavern! what brings you here my old friend" Drago said "I am here to present you all with a new ability called true bonds, it's an ability that allows you to fuse with your bakugan partner and fight together as one MERGED being". Once Wavern gave the ability to everyone, Shun merged with Skyress and headed out to the park with Drago to capture the Darkus warrior.

    "Ah shun kazami....came to die ninja boy" said Darkus warrior "Not today, today you fall!" said Shun "Optimism, i like it but that wont do you any good... wait a sec why do i sense high Ventus energy within you...but that's impossible unless....." "I fused with Skyress, Wavern gave me that ability" "ha so you do need your Ventus girlfriend to save you" "enough talk lets fight!", the two warriors fought- wind kuni's pierced the warriors armor breaking his left arm armor revealing a darkus Dragonoid arm. "huh so you're a bakugan, go figure" said Shun as he summoned a Ventus SHOTGUN and blew off the right arm armor which revealed a human arm "guess again ninja boy" "IMPOSSIBLE!" "HA you think you're the only one with guns?". Then the Darkus warrior summoned a Shadow GATTLER!!!, "OH SHIT!" Shun said then the warrior let loose a barrage of dark bullets Shun ran for cover and hid behind a fountain. "Come on out ninja boy!" taunted the warrior. Then the warrior was hit from behind and the gattler vanished from his hand "wait what?!" shouted the warrior as he turned and stabbed Shun with a dark knife, Shun screamed and burst into a cloud of wind, "huh? that's weird?" then as the warrior turned he saw Shun release a vortex of pressurised air that knocked him off the ground shattering his mask in the process, the he pieced it together "a wind clone huh? that sneaky little....". The warrior hit the ground hard, when he stood up Shun gasped"Dan?!!!!! what the heck happened". Dan growled"I AM NOT DAN KUSO!", he charged at Shun with a shadow Blade and managed to disarmed Shun and corner him against the wall"Dan please come to your senses Naga is lying""NOW YOU DIE!" Said Dan.But then someone tapped his shoulder from the back, he turned around to find Drago with tears in his eyes"I...I'm so" said Drago as knocked Dan out, as Dan fell unconscious Drago felt his pain and nearly passed out as well but got a hold of himself. He carried Dan on his shoulder and flew off. But Shun knew one thing this was far from over........

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