Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


8. Regaining memories

As Dan was waking up he heard voices that were familiar to him, "Naga's going to pay for this" said one, "what the heck did Naga do to his arm?!" asked another, "That's intriguing, but disturbing" said another. Then he heard a door being forced open and he heard footsteps running towards him, and he heard someone gasp- a girl by the sound of it."Oh! Dan what has Naga done to you?!!?!"  said the girl near him, although he did not recognise the other voices even though they were familiar this one made a name pop into his head 'Runo'....., how he knew her he didn't know. When his eyes opened he looked at the girl to his right, She has a beautiful face, sky blue hair and a worried expression and the name Runo came into his mind again "so this is Runo eh?" he thought, then a boy in glasses standing next to Runo noticed Dan's eyes open "he's awake..." said the boy. All was going smooth when he spotted Shun kazami, "uh guys his anger is rising...." trembled Murucho- Runo then saw the anger in her Dan's eyes and saw what he was looking at."Shun you need to go now" said Runo politely but Shun still stayed there, "Shun please go" she said again but Shun came closer to Runo "shun..." she said again with irritation, then Shun put his hands on her shoulders and said" Runo.....there's no easy way of telling you this...." "telling me what Shun" she said with aggitation and sadness in her voice because Dan's condition was getting worse "Dan....Dan is downstairs in that memorial room of yours, this is the Darkus warrior on the medical bed". Runo gasped "SHUN KAZAMI!!!!!! how dare you say that" "URGH! let me go NOW!!!!" Dan screamed "Runo.......your too lenient dont you see, it's too late, Naga's already got to him he's gone" "and your TO UNFORGIVING! HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO DAN!" Runo screamed. Then Tigrerra came into the room and went to Dan's side who screamed let me go again "Dan we're here to help you" said Tigrerra "ha guys are so dead when Naga shows up" Dan smirked. "See Runo i told you" "NO!, NO! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT!" Runo screamed. She then said to Dan after hearing what he said "Dan....Drago is you partner not Naga, you had amnesia and he took advantage of that" "YOU LIE!" Dan screamed. "Don't you remember anything? our first date your first brawl, loosing your parents to Naga, any of this ring a bell" she said to him as she was on the verge of tears, "I SAID NO!!! NOW LET ME OUT!" Dan screamed. Runo lowered her head and started to cry "What has Naga done to you" she thought. Then the building started to shake and Dan smiled"you guys are soo dead", then Drago entered the room "guys Naga's...." but he was cut short as Naga broke through the ceiling "PARTNER! ARE YOU ALRIGHT OLD FRIEND" said Naga who was worried that Dan would regain his memories "OLD FRIEND?! PARTNER?!!" that's it Naga your Dead! " Then Dan broke out and intercepted Drago "not happening" Dan said as they broke apart. "I'm not fighting you Daniel i'd rather DIE by YOUR hand then harm you" said Drago, Dan smirked and summoned a shadow blade and swung but heard a loud sound and dropped the sword and fell to his knees and clutched the left side of his chest and Drago did the same as he felt Dan's pain"Who?!" said Drago as he looked behiend and saw Shun with a wind scatter gun "I'm not letting you fall Drago you're MY friend and like a cousin to me I aint letting you Die" deep inside Drago he felt rage and hate and anger, Shun was trying to kill his 'brother' but even deeper inside he felt a sense of attachment but the rage was more. "urgh! Dan please remember, our first match, the fight against appoliner the time you called me BROTHER! remember Dan REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dan clutched his head and shouted' SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!!!!". Then the background turned black and Dan passed out as tears began to flow uncontrollably, as Drago limped (since he still felt Dan's pain and it was unbearable...even for Drago)towards Dan Naga swooped downwards and grabbed Dan and flew away "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO CLOSE TO SAVING HIM" Drago shouted then he began thinking' wait a sec, if Shun hadn't wounded Dan i wouldn't have felt his pain and i would have saved him THIS IS ALL SHUN'S FAULT! DAMN YOU" Drago started to limp away "Drago..." said Tigrerra as she started to follow him but Drago was in no mood for anyone's company right now...even his secret love for Tigrerra (which he never told Dan but he was wishing he did) she tried to put her hand on his shoulders nut he shrugged it off and limped off. "Skyress can we talk outside" said Shun "Of course Shun" she said as she followed shun outside. Runo got suspicious and followed with Tigrerra not far behind, Runo hid behind a wall corner and overheard Shun's every word. "I think you went to far 'brother'" "no I didn't 'sister'" "you SHOT dan in front of Drago with a frekin SHOTGUN...i'm impressed he even SURVIVED that" "he' lost to us sis remember what we agreed?" "I.....I do but Shun......" "NO Skyress......look this isn't easy for me Dan's my step brother, you know the story....". Behind her hiding place Runo gasped silently "SHUN IS DAN'S STEP BROTHER?!?!" she thought, "Shun i know the story and i know the plan......protocol 66. Runo was sure she knew what that ment but if it really did mean what she thought......then Dan was in huge trouble, "you what what we must do what must be done" said Shun. Runo had heard enough and came out of her hiding spot "SO YOUR GOING TO KILL YOUR OWN STEP BROTHER!!" she shouted as she grabbed Shun and slammed him against the wall "RUNO! YOU AH.....WERE SPYING ON ME?!" "Long enough" she said "I SWEAR Shun if you even TRY to kill Dan I'LL MURDER YOU" said Runo who's voice was DRIPPING with the venom of hate. Shun finally got a hold of himself "Runo you should know by now that anyone who starts on the dark path will NEVER come back....." "SHUT UP!" She screamed as she ran away from Shun and ran past TIgrerra who looked at Skyress with a look that said 'what have you done....', Tigrerra ran to Runo shouting her name. "Shun.....i....i dont know about this" said Skyress "don't tell me your bailing out on me too sis" said Shun calmly Skyress sighed "no Shun i'd never" "good....then in that case....we have work to do.

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