Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


3. Plan of action, act of torture

Tigrerra put her hands on Runo's shoulders and hugged her "look Runo... i know you're worried, but i SWEAR AS LONG AS I LIVE WE WILL GET DAN KUSO BACK, THAT I SWEAR". That made Runo smile "time to call in the other brawlers" she said. Two hours later in murouchs mansion, Runo told her problem to all the brawlers. When she finished Drago moaned" Oh no! I...I should have been there, I..i should have..." said Drago who was trying not to fall apart. " we'll bring him back Drago don't worry" said preyas, "DON'T WORRY?!!, THIS IS NAGA WE'RE TALKING ABOUT PREYAS! NOT SOME AMATURE! THERE'S NO TELLING WHAT HE'LL DO TO HIM!...I SWEAR IF HE'S HURT..." said Drago as he clutched his fist hard. "he's right, there's no telling what he'll do to Dan, 1 he's unpredictable... 2 he killed Dan's parents, so maybe he came back for Dan.. 3 he was the main reason he lost in the first place remember, so his revenge may be terrible" said Shun kazami. "But where would he take Dan?" asked Julie, the all of them said in unison "Vistroyia! of course!", "I'll open a portal, gather your things, we'll meet here in and hour" said Masquerade, the team split up leaving Runo alone. She began to think to herself" we'll get you back Dan... I'll get you back" secretly Runo never told anyone except Tigrerra, she loved Dan, but she didn't know how he felt about her.

       Meanwhile in Vistroyia, Dan woke up in a sort of cave, he tried to get up but he ended up screaming in pain "OWWWWW!!!!! legs are broken" said Dan as he started to cry in pain. "Runo...." Dan said to himself "I'm sorry i let you down, you to Drago" "HA! is the human missing his partner and girlfriend?" "she's not my girlfriend! she's just a friend, which YOU HAD BETTER STAY AWAY FROM!" "OH! is that so..., well i plan on KILLING HER, DRAGO, and TIGRERRA AND THE BRAWLERS, WITH YOUR HELP!", hearing that Dan laughed out lound ignoring the pain of his broken rib"I'LL NEVER HELP YOU!" said Dan "FINE! HAVE IT YOU WAY HUMAN! AFTER I KILL YOU I'LL GO AFTER THAT GIRL YOU CARE ABOUT SO MUCH!". "Good luck with that, Drago almost DESTROYED darkus reaper because he gave me a cut, with waht you're doing he'll MURDER YOU" smiled Dan "I can deal with him, it's you that you have to worry about" said Naga as he summoned a small blade of black lightning and moved towards Dan and began to stab and cut until he passed out, but before that the thought to himself" D..Drago me....I..i can't hold up much longer" once he thought that, everything turned black and he passed out

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