Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


2. Memories of the dead.

It was mid-night, when Runo got out of bed to go get some water, for some reason she couldn't stop thinking about Dan, her friend had just lost his parents three days ago because of Naga...the most unfair part, he nearly wne't to jail for it! and to make it worse... her own PARENTS believed that Dan was responsible for his parents murder, and she hadn't heard from or seen him since, partially since her parents forbade her from hanging out with a 'murderer' as they call him, and whenever she heard them use it, she would start crying because she knew it wasn't his fault but no one believed her... now the only family Dan has is Drago whom he considers his brother and Runo as well as Tigrerra. When she approached the kitchen she heard her parents scream" NO! PLEASE! LEAVE US ALONE!" then she heard Tigrerra's voice" R...Runo that you?", when she told her that her parents were in trouble Tigrerra raged and went into the kitchen "Naga! leave them out of this! FACE ME COWARD!" taunted Tigrerra. Naga laughed" I didn't come here for you!" said Naga as he took a knife from the table and killed Mr and Miss Masaki, when Runo saw that she fell to her knees and started to cry.. "YOU MURDERER!" shouted Tigrerra as she withdrew her wrist blades "ABILITY ACTIVATE!, VELOCITY FANG!!", Tigrerra threw blades of light which Naga dodged with ease "Pathetic!" "Impossible!" "my turn! ABILITY ACTIVATE! BLACK LIGHTNING ARROW!" the arrow hit Tigrerra in the stomach and threw her towards the wall next to Runo who witnessed the whole thing, "Tigrerra!!! SIS!! noo!" screamed Runo as she rushed to her sister's side, Tigrerra was loosing blood fast... suddenly she started to wonder why the hell she woke up. Then Naga lit a match and dropped it on the floor igniting the house on fire, Runo carried Tigrerra outside the room, the roof collapsed and Runo pushed Tigrerra out of the house, but just as the roof was about to crush Runo, a boy in Red grabbed her and pulled her out of the house, when Runo woke up, she only remembered the boy in the red jacket that saved her from the inferno "Dan... was that you?" she asked herself, then she heard her sister call out. When she was reunited, the moved into Alice's coffee shop for the time being, and every day runo wondered ' was that boy in the red jacket Dan? if so what was he doing there, and how did he know about the fire? maybe ha saw it from his house? maybe someone told him about it... but she didn't care, to her it ment one thing, Dan CARED for her and that gave her hope in situations where she didn't have any.

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