Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


10. Lost cause

Everyone at bakugan HQ was recovering from Naga's and Dan's attack, Drago was leaning against a piller on the balcony with his eyes close remembering something. In his mind an image of a burning house was forming and Drago had Dan's mother in his arms "Don't worry misses Kuso i'll save you!" " Drago's ok we're dead anyways" "NO! DON'T SAY THAT I'LL SAVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!" "no's useless, I..I just have one request to ask of you.." "Yes misses kuso anything!" "j..just take care of our the older brother he sees you as" Drago was shocked to hear this but misses kuso continued "Dan told me you lost your Family in vistroyia so....from now on...c..consider yourself apart of our family...son..." Drago started crying "hush now son, d..don't cry people come and go it's us so don't still have Dan as your younger brother and...don't tell Dan i told you that he called you his brother" she smiled at those last words..."heh....sure thing misses Kuso" "'s mom" said miss kuso as she passed away in Drago's arms. Drago took off into the sky and started to cry when he had Dan i  safe hands. In reality a tear started to fall into his cheek, "Drago...." said someone from behind, Drago snapped put of it and wipped his tears and looked back "Runo..." "you ok..." "just fine Runo...just fine..". Runo spotted the tears in Drago's cheek " you're not, look we're both upset we lost Dan today, but he'll be back....he always comes back". "You could tell me what's wrong Drago.....i've never seen you so shaken like this before" "Runo.....before...before dan's parents died they told me to look after Dan, they considered me Dan's older brother. I..I failed them Runo, I failed Dan and misses kuso, who considered ME her frekin SON before she died in MY ARMS". Runo moved closer to Drago and held his hand and wipped the tears from his eyes "look, you didn't fail miss kuso and you DEFINITELY didn't fail Dan..... what happened to Dan was Naga's fault, not yours" said Runo who was trying to pacify Drago. Drago sniffed "you're right Runo...thanks, when Naga shows up I'll kill him and free Dan from his control again...and maybe then, even Shun will stop acting like a douch bag" "ha! that's true". Then a portal opened from the back and Naga and Dan came out "Oh I think that Shun will stay a douch since Dan will never be free" said Naga. Shun and Skyress showed up " you're not going anywhere this time!...Skyress NOW!" he shouted, Skyress fused with Shun and produced multiple clones of air and surrounded the two criminals. In every clones hands, a pair of ventus kunai knives appeared. "You'll never learn fool!" Dan surrounded himself with Dark flames as he extended his left palm and the fire turned itself into a a compressed ball of black fire, he tossed it up and it exploded into spikes- and destroying the clones and Shun, who disappeared into a cloud of smoke, "huh a clone eh?...WAIT THEN THE REAL ONE MUST BE...." Dan turned and he saw six green knives coming towards him, 'oh no you don't shun' Runo thought, 'i've been training for this...let's just hope it works' she thought. She concentrated and summoned white light and materialised it into six throwing blades and threw them at the knives, intercepting them, making them fall on the ground. "DAMN IT RUNO! ONCE AGAIN YOU LET YOUR EMOTIONS GET THE BEST OF YOU!" Shun shouted. Dan took the opportunity and blasted Shun with black lightning and threw him across the room where he saw the rest of the brawlers come to help. Naga saw them and blasted the enterance sealing them on the other side of the room. "Now Drago, let's get this over with shall we?" "I thought you'd never ask!" said Drago as he ran towards Naga with fists of fire and Naga with fists of black lightning they clashed and fought at full force. "I appreciate the save, but you'll have to die now...both of ya" said Dan as he summoned a blade of black fire. "He figured it out...." said a voice that wasn't Runo's, Tigrerra unmerged and summoned her wrist blade "now THIS will be fun" said Dan as he charged at Tigrerra and clashed. Meanwhile, Drago and Naga were still fighting with full force "You'll pay for what you did to Dan!" "Ha! i'd like to see you try", elsewhere- Tigrerra was fighting with Dan "I don't want to fight you Dan you're like a cousin to me!" sh said as she intercepted Dan's shadow long sword "you wont have a choice" said Dan "DARKUS STUN BLASTWAVE!", shadow wrapped around Tigrerra restricting her movements and power. Dan turned his cold attention towards Runo who backed herself against a wall (dumb move Runo), Dan ran towards her he saw her shiver and her eyes were open in horror, was this it, was she going to die?. 'Well at least i'll die by Dan's hand' she thought, then she saw Dan laugh, she looked confused"what's so funny?", he put his hand on her shoulder "relax Runo, I'm not going to kill you" he smiled "YOU'RE BACK!" she smiled as she hugged him tight, then she punched him in the stomach "ouch!....I had that coming didn't I ?" "the hell you did, we're going to talk about this later". Dan recovered "besides, Tigrerra knew i was back...didn't she tell you" " that's what she wanted to tell me" "just play along alright?". She smiled "sure thing", meanwhile, Drago was fighting Naga "Maximum pyrus explosion!" Drago unleashed a powerful blast that Naga avoided "you've lost Naga!" " HAVE LOST!" he said as he shocked Drago with black lightning and it engulfed him and knocked him out. Naga placed his leg on Drago's back when he heard Runo scream. He saw Runo backed up against a wall and Dan was about to kill her "kill her!" "no Dan don't!", Naga applied pressure on Drago's back making him scream in pain. Dan dropped the sword and faced Naga laughing "What's funny? kill her!" "I'm not killing my girlfriend Naga, but I am going to kill you" "your betrayal was obvious". Dan summoned a black tomahawk and threw it at Naga, he dodged it and teleported behind Dan and thrust his sword through Dan's chest and pulled it out, he collapsed on the ground "DAN! NOOOOO!" Runo screamed "DANIEL! NOOO!" said Drago who was trapped under rubble, Naga turned his cold attention towards Runo, Tigrerra managed to break he letf arm out of the bond that restricted her movements, "SIS! CATCH!" she said as she threw a white crystal towards Runo, She caught it and it turned to a white sword. "I'll enjoy this" Naga said as he picked up Dan's Dark sword, "Prepare to die child!" he said as he charged at Runo who fought back, Naga aimed for her chest but she saw it coming and blocked it and slashed Naga scarring his arm"URGH! you'll pay for that" he said as he tried to stab her shoulder but he missed and Runo slashed his back as black blood stained the white sword.'that's not normal....bakugan have red colored blood like humans.....strange..' Skyress thought from behind the barricade. Runo roared as white energy surrounded her, Naga frowned 'that's weird..for a human she's displaying an abnormal amount of Haos attribute energy, and to make things weirder....Tigrerra isn't fused with Runo....I'll have to be careful here' he thought. She roared again, this time sounding like Tigrerra when she gets mad "no one....kills my boyfriend and gets away with it" she said as she charged with Tigrerra like speed. Naga raised a black shield, but when Runo punched it with her bare hands it SHATTERED. Everyone was shocked, Naga widned his eyes in terror "that's impossible! such strength is'nt obtainable by a human!" he said. Runo stabbed Naga through the waist, he spat black blood, "what are you?!" Naga asked in fear, but before she could answer Tigrerra shouted "That's my sister you're dealing with!" "I clearly underestimated you" he said, but Naga smiled "you're strong...but not strong enough!" he summoned every ounce of strength he had broke the white blade and kicked Runo back. He took the blade that was in his waist and threw it away. Runo roared again and Naga saw her nails grow longer like....claws, She ran towards him and became very agile, scratching him and avoiding his blade swings 'it should be done now' she thought. Naga finally grabbed hold of Runo's neck and shocked Runo with black lightning ruining her momentum, he slammed her against the wall and "You want to play with claws do ya?"Naga summoned his claws and stabbed her in the stomach, blood dripped from her mouth in her mind she smiled ' worked...". Naga stabbed Runo in the heart with Dan's blade, "SISTER! NOOOOO!!!!" Tigrerra screamed, her acting was great. Naga pulled the blade out of her heart and she slumped towards the ground. "You're dead Naga...DEAD!" "I almost forgot about you" he said as he teleported behind Tigrerra and opened her old wound painfully and slowly. Tigrerra screamed and collapsed on the ground, "TIGRERRA!" Drago shouted, red energy surged through his body and he broke free of the barricade and got hold of Naga. The two Dragons fought and Drago grabbed Naga by the arm and stabbed him 3 times "I;m not killing you yet...i'll torture you then I'll kill you!" Naga muttered a few words and a mini restriction explosion K.O'd Drago and healed Naga. Again, Naga stepped on Drago and raised his sword but it was knocked out of his grip by an arrow. "Hey Naga!" "No! no that's not possible!" he turned around and found what he feared, he saw Dan kuso, Runo masaki and Tigrerra free and ALIVE ."How?" he said in fear "Darkus phantom....makes any solid object pass through you, bet ya you didn't see that coming" "DOUBLE ABILITY ACTIVATE! DARK BULLET BARRAGE PLUS BLACK FLAME!" Dan summoned a shadow mini-gun and let looses a volley of bullets encased in black flame which hit Naga and knocked him out. The gattler vanished "Runo, Tigrerra free the others I'll take care of Drago". The sisters nodded and went to work, Dan went to Drago "D..Dan I..Is that you" "yeah brother it's me" Drago smiled then frowned as he coughed blood "Dan..I..I..don't think I can make it I...I've lost alot of blood" said Drago weakly "no! I'm not letting you die! not after this!" "Haos renewal" said Dan again as white light surged through Dan's palm and healed Drago, when he was done he was good as new. Drago hugged his brother lovingly "way to give me a scare" "hehe I had to boost Naga's overconfidence so he'd make a mistake" "more importantly, when did you get your memory back?". "When I re-visited Naga's lab, I found a message I wrote to myself in case something went wrong". Drago laughed and hugged his brother again "that was smart....and when did Tigrerra know you were back?" "tell ya later, now we've got to take Naga down".

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