Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


9. Lies....

A portal opened in Naga's layer and Naga along with an Injured dan kuso came out of the portal and Naga layed him on then operating table. "Dan....." Naga said his eyes were normal and not pitch black, suddenly a huge headache overcame Naga" I WONT LET YOU POSSESS ME ANY LONGER!!! THIS IS... THIS IS MY.....ARGH!!!!!" Naga screamed as his eyes turned Pitch black once again "NEVER! THIS IS NOW MY BODY!!" he screamed. Dan woke up and found Naga standing next to him in an almost brotherly way. "H...hey there N.....naga", Naga smiled "hey there partner, what happened to you back there?" "It's nothing really..." c'mon dude just tell me...i mean what's the worst that can happen". But dan remained silent, Naga turned around and started to leave "Naga...wait" "yes?" "when....i fell on my knees back there....I saw myself alongside Drago in everything he said and not's like those images were...". Naga stopped cold in his tracks "like flash backs?" said Naga nervously "y..yeah something like that". 'Shit...he's begining to remember parts of his past...DAMN YOU DRAGO!' Naga thought. Then Naga smiled "he's lying partner...he's trying to turn you against me" "I knew I could count on you my friend" "anything for a dear you just stay here and recover while I pay Drago a visit" "why should I be left here? I want to kill him as much as you...and for what he tried to turn me against you...I HATE HIM! I HATE HIM! I HATE HIM THE MOST". Then dna got up and started going outside "where are you going?" "just going for a walk so I can cool off" said Dan "just be back quick ok" "yeah sure". Dan walked outside and went to the place he first recived his draganoid arm to find out any detail as to why Drago behaved so fond towards him, he went to Naga's lab. He went inside and picked up the smell of Rot and stale blood "Urgh..this place reaks! ewww!" said Dan, he explored the place until he discovered the source of the smell, and he made a face "What the heck is that?". Dan summoned black fire and saw that the object on the floor was an arm...but it looked familiar. Then he looked at his right arm "What the.... that's....MY LEFT ARM!!!". "But Naga said it was destroyed by Drago but here it is UNTOUCHED and rotting away" "what's going on here? is Naga my friend or has all this been one big lie?". He started to explore the cave until he found a cell with an object on the floor, Dan moved towards it and picked it up and recognised it "this is my watch, but what would it be doing here?". Then Dan spotted a loose rock on the side of the wall, he moved towards it and removed it and saw his own handwriting on the read ' This is the fifth day that Naga's held me captive here....he's tortured me in the worst way possible..he's breaking me.... I..I think tht he's going to make me into his pawn one way or another by the name of Darkus warrior' Dan stopped reading there"That's name..." he continued reading "I..if I do I..want myself to remember this.... my name is Dan Kuso..... my brother is DRAGO not NAGA i have a girl friend called Runo Masaki and a great step-brother called Shun Kazami. Dan stopped reading as the message stopped there, "he LIED to me Naga that lying BASTARD" " Naga would never...this is probably one of Drago's it....I..I'm not sure any more....". Then Dan got a massive headache, he clutched his head in extreme pain and fell on his knees"AAHHH! this hurts.....n..not again....". Dan began to see white...he was no longer in Naga's lab "Where am I?" he said.....then the background shifted and he found himself in the park back on earth, then a girl with blue hair ran past him "R...Runo?" he said but for some reason she didn't hear him. "Hey there sweet heart" said someone for behind "that voice it seems so familiar..", he turned around and to his shock- he found HIMSELF behind him running towards Runo and hugging her.."oh Dan..." she said. The scenery shifted and he was in a room of some sorts and found himself again on a medical bed hooked up to an oxygen mask and life support, 'what happened to me?' Dan thought, then a door on the other side opened and Drago ran in with a worried look "DANIEL!" he said as he ran towards him and geld Dan's hand- to Drago's amazement Dan's eyes flickered open " that you buddy?" Dan asked "Yeah yeah it's me...i'm right here pal....right here". The two of them talked for a long while and Drago decided to leave, then Dan spoke "hey Drago?" "yeah Dan?" "thank you...'brother'". this shocked both Drago and himself "What did i just call Drago?!". Then Drago spoke" why'd you call me that" "b..because, you've been there when i most needed you...taken care of me when my parents died...if that isn't a brother then I don't know what is". Then Dan turned and saw what he thought was a tear drop in Drago's eyes "gee.....thanks's sure nice to be apart of a family again" "you've always been apart of my family Drago....always". The scene shifted again, this time it was a burning house, he heard himself scream "DRAGO! HELP! MY PARENTS....THEY'RE TRAPPED...HELP!" "I'm coming Daniel don't worry!", he saw himself cough and cough and cough again and again and again "DANIEL! FORGET US RUN!!!" "NO MOM I....I WON'T LEAVE YOU!" When Drago got there, Dan saw himself get hit by a wooden pole and he was out cold "DAN!!!!" screamed his mom. Drago carried Dan on his shoulder "I'LL be back I PROMISE!". Drago flew out of the house and lay Dan down on the pavement and went back in to help Dan's parents who were dying from the lack of air, Drago broke through the barricade and lifted miss Kuso but she spoke, the two spoke for a while and this time for sure he saw Drago crying. He flew out to ensure Dan's safety, no doubt that his mom told Drago it was useless and to look after Dan for them. The scene's finally ended and he was back at the white background where he found himself staring at him. "What have I become?" "I'm not you! my name is the Drakus warrior!" "that's the name Naga gave you you FOOL! YOU ARE DAN KUSO NOT NAGA'S LAB RAT NOW SNAP OUT OF IT!!". The white background went supernova and Dan found himself back in the lab "wh..who am I????". Hours later Dan returned to Naga "ah you're back" "yeah...sorry it took me a while" "It's alright, now come lets end drago once and for all" said Naga as he opened a portal, but before he did he adressed Dan "and...if you see those images again retreat and wait for me i know how to treat it" said Naga as he walked through the portal. Dan got suspicious but ran into the portal with Naga who was unaware that Dan now knew most of his past......

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