Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


5. Experiments

Dan kuso was strapped on an operating table and was still out cold. "Time for your assistance" said Naga, as he AMPUTATED Dan's left arm, Dan screamed although he was out cold- Drago and the brawlers were nearby when they heard the scream "DAN!!!" screamed Drago as the brawler charged towards the cave. Once done he threw it on the ground, then Naga produced a formula that gave Dan a new left arm, the weird thing was that his arm looked like Drago's arm. When Naga saw it he was confused then he had a major headache "STOP FIGHTING ME!" Naga screamed. When the pain vanished Naga smiled as his mind pieced it together "I see... so I finally found the other one". Then he used his powers and did the unimaginable, he CORRUPTED Dan's DNA, turning his left arm from pyrus red and yellow to DARKUS black and purple! And that's not the only thing, he rearranged his memory so it looked like Dan with NAGA and DRAGO was the enemy. When Dan woke up he saw Naga" hey Naga... where am I?" "In one of my old labs, Drago attacked us again" Naga lied. Dan clutched his fist"I'll..KILL him" said Dan. Naga laughed at his success "you'll get your revenge my old friend, but for now let's retreat to one of my other bases" said Naga. With that said Naga and Dan retreated with Dan ahead. At that moment, Drago and the brawlers showed up and spotted Naga running with another person...from the shadows it looked liked another one of Naga's minions. "Naga! get back here!" shouted Drago, Naga turned and smiled "HA! you're too late to save kuso now Drago he's dead to you" "YOU LIE!!!!" Drago. "Look down" said Naga as he ran off, Julie made a sick sound as she ran to the entrance of the cave and vomited "that's BRUTAL!!!" she screamed. Drago looked down and saw Dan's amputated left arm and began to cry "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!" he screamed as he fell on both knees and wept, Runo saw it and fainted- luckily, Shun caught her. "He'll pay for that" Shun said Tigrerra picked Drago up and hugged him "we'll make him pay for that" she said. When the brawlers exited the cave they were miserable, but just as Masquerade was about to open the portal to Earth, a warrior in black armor and an Arkham knight themed helmet kneed him in the face knocking him out. "Who the hell are you!" Shun shouted, I am the Darkus warrior.. Naga's personal lieutenant and all of you are going to die!" Said Darkus warrior. Shun withdrew a ninja kunai and the Darkus warrior summoned a blade of black fire. The two clashed and it ended with Shun's kunai broken "oh no! that kunai was a gift from Dan" Shun said "oh you mean that Pyrus brawler Naga killed, I know Naga can be brutal but what he did to that guy, YIKES!, btw before he died he said that he cared for Drago and a girl named Runo... also he was sorry he failed you... I may be a bad guy, but at least I don't do THAT". "Hand to hand ninja boy? or does your ventus girlfriend over there have to save you" "I thought you'd never ask!" Shun raged as he and the Drakus warrior clashed leaving Runo in the background thinking "Dan CARED for me....and I couldn't save him". "I grow weary of this" said the Drakus warrior and he targeted limbs and anupunctural weak points. Shun spat blood and fell on both knees, "Shun!" said skyress as she charged at the warrior but he saw it coming and grabbed her and Shun and tossed them to the foot of the mountain and triggered a small rock slide. "You couldn't save your partner Drago... at least you can save them" said the Darkus warrior as he teleported away. Drago did manage to save Shun and Skyress... but he didn't save Dan, his brother.... When they went back to earth, Drago stayed away from everyone for weeks and Runo built a memorial room with holographic projection of Dan, and there she stayed during her free time........

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