Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


4. Encounter with Naga

As the portal opened the brawlers came through, they gasped at the beauty of New Vistroyia but Drago,Runo and Tigrerra didn't bother, they marched ahead. After hours of searching they got tired, "hey Shun can we stop for a while, i'm getting tired" said murucho, "sure thing we'll rest her a while". As the brawlers stopped they were unaware that Naga was watching from a cliff, he went back to his hideout and grabbed Dan who was unconcious by his tail "let's go see your friends shall we?". "Ok let's get moving" said Shun.."Where to brawlers!" said a voice from the sky, the brawlers looked up and saw Naga. "NAGA!, where's Dan!" growled Shun, but Naga just smiled and revealed a large piece of Dan's red jacket and threw it down to them, which Runo caught. She saw that it was SOAKED in BLOOD " OH NO!!!!" she said. That was it, Drago lost it and flew up to attack but Naga, but Naga hardly moved, he just revealed his tail with Dan wrapped in it and that stopped Drago from attacking. "D....Dan? ar..are you ok?" asked Drago, but he stayed silent, Naga laughed "he's knocked out you IDIOT!". Drago saw Dan's injuries, he had both legs broken, a broken rib, his right arm alone had alot of cuts and bruises, his face had a cut that looked like that it ran through his left eye but didn't and his left arm was the most horrific sight to behold as the was literally covered in blood and had major cuts and bruises, down below Runo saw her friend's condition and let out a sob. Tigrerra tried to calm her but to no avail. Then she though of a plan to jump at Naga from the back and end him once fro all, she climed the nearest tree and waited. Meanwhile, up in the air Drago was horrified looking at his partner's condition, Naga tightened his tails grip that made Dan scream in pain, and for some weird reason Drago felt it "that was weird" Drago thought, Naga did it again and Dan screamed with pain again and again and for some weird reason, Drago felt his pain as well. Down below the brawlers were helpless to help Dan, Runo kept crying and begged Naga to stop but he didn't care. "If you ever want to see your friend again, you'll face me in that inactive volcano over there", then Tigrerra jumped at Naga but he saw her coming and grabbed he by the neck, she stabbed him in the shoulder, and Naga threw her down to the ground, if Tigrerra were at her true size, she'd be able to survive it, but she wasn't, she was human sized. Luckily Gorem caught her "thank you Gorem" she said "you're welcome" he said. Then Drago siezed the opportunity and charged, but Naga saw him coming and moved Dan in front of his attack, stopping him. Then he discharged a black arrow that hit Drago in the chest, he screamed and for some reason Dan's face twisted with pain. Naga took off with Dan and Drago fell towards the ground. "DRAGO!" shouted Tigrerra as she jumped from tree to tree and caught him. Secretly she had a huge crush on Drago and the only one that knew was Runo. She set Drago on the ground "Drago.. are you ok...." she said, "I"ll make him pay! I SWEAR HE'LL PAY!!!!!!!!" shouted Drago not mentioning the experience about feeling Dan's pain. As a day passed in Vistroyia, Drago met Naga's challange but it went wrongly and Naga went off with Dan again. Then Drago wondered, will i ever save my brother, my partner. Of course when he said that Dan was a brother he didn't mean that he was actually his brother, he just considered him like one. "i'll get you back...i promise" said Drago


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