Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


11. Downfall

Tigrerra and Runo set the other brawlers free, Shun and Dan got back together as friends again despite the fact that they tried to kill each other, "Dan..your arm!" said Drago in amazement, Dan looked at his arm and saw it change from Darkus to Pyrus "cool" he said "what now?" Shun asked "we fuse together and destroy Naga once and for all" "but we can't not even as seven merged beings" said murucho "who ever said seven" smiled Dan "It's too risky we've never done it before" said Hydranoid "It's our only chance to survive this" said Dan. "He's right let's do this!" said Shun. Naga woke up and found the brawlers merged with their bakugan and stood right before him. "HA! even as merged beings you can't beat me!" "that's where you're wrong, ABILITY ACTIVATE! ULTIMATE FUSION!" said the brawlers as they fused into one cosmic infinity Dragonoid "NO! I WAS SOO CLOSE TO WINNING!" said Naga "ULTIMATE FUSION ABILITY ACTIVATE! VISTROYIAN DESTRUCTION RAY" said Drago, a wheel of all the sttribute symbols appeared in front of Naga and Draog let loose they ray, when it when through the wheel the power increased ten-fold and turned Naga into dust(literally). The brawlers unmerged "wow! now that's power" said Masquerade "yeah" said Dan as he fell towards the floor, luckily Drago caught him "you ok there brother?" he asked "yeah it's just that I've never fused before" "practice makes perfect I should know" said Shun. The brawlers went outside, as Dan was about to follow them, Runo grabbed his shirt and slammed him on the wall "Dan kuso you scared the FREKIN hell out of me!" said Runo in a cartoonish way. Then she sounded sad "do you have any Idea what I've been through?" she sobbed "look Runo I..." said Dan but before he could finish Runo silenced him and kissed him long and lovingly, when she finished Dan looked at her in suprise "Runo! heh..." "you owe me a date at the movies today at 8, if you don't show I will personally rip out you other arm and beat you over the head with it!" joked Runo. Dan laughed "consider me warned....see ya Runo" Dan said. Runo kissed Dan again and went outside "see ya at 8" she said. Tigrerra was about to leave when she stopped and turned "hey Drago care to come along?" "sure thing Tigrerra I'd love to" Drago said. TIgrerra's cheeks turned Red and she smiled "see ya" she said as she walked out "she Loves you Drago" "she does not!" said Drago "she told me her true feelings for you back at that cave...she loves you dude" said Dan as he ran out, leaving Drago in the room smiling "I..I love you too just don't know it yet". Meanwhile in Vistroyia the ancients were discussing important matters when Wavern came in "appologies ancient one" "yes wavern" "it's something regarding Dan and Drago" "and that is?" said the pyrus ancient "They are remembering more and more of their past...we can't hid it from them any longer....please allow me to tell them" "very well was only a matter of time before those two twins remember their past lives...go now Wavern and tell them". Wavern left vistroyia to tell Drago first, and she knew from this night onwards Dan and Drago will be reunited once and for all.

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