Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


6. Darkus warrior vs Drago and Tigrerra

Drago and Tigrerra were out for a walk in the park, it had been three months since the brawlers returned from Vistroyia believing that Dan Kuso had died. Runo was in the Memorial room and Shun was still in the sick bay recovering from the beat down from the Darkus warrior. "Tigrerra... I...I have to tell you something" said Drago who was now willing to tell someone about his experience about feeling Dan's pain in Vistroyia. "You can tell me anything" she said "back on Vistroyia, when Naga hurt Dan......I...I felt his pain.... like how twins do....I don't know how....", Tigrerra was speechless "have you told anyone yet..." "no... not yet only you know" Drago said "I'll solve this for you Drago... say do you think that Darkus warrior guy will show up again?" she said "YES I WILL" said a voice from behind, the two friends turned around "you again!" they said in unison, "that's right.. Darkus warrior is back". Drago and Tigrerra took up fighting stance "VELOCITY FANG!" she said as two blades of light sped their way towards the warrior and hit him on the chest "you've gotten good....but I've gotten a lot better....ABILITY ACTIVATE!! DARKUS FIELD MINES!" several explosions detonated across the battle field and one of the mines hit Tigrerra from the back pushing her in front of the warrior, who punched her out cold. "TIGRERRA!" shouted Drago, then his rage built up to the point where CRIMSON RED energy erupted from Drago as he shouted. "oh no....this does not look good, ABILITY ACTIVATE DARKUS BARRIER FIELD!", a barrier of dark energy surrounded the warrior. This is for you, Dan....Tigrerra....Shun- Drago thought " HIDDEN ABILITY ACTIVATE!  PYRUS CHAOS DESTRUCTION VORTEX BEAM!" said Drago as his arms glowed Rage red and he unleashed the energy which hit the barrier and broke it as though it wasn't there and hit the Drakus warrior's mask and chest... the blast shattered the upper right corner of the mask and broke one of the warriors ribs. Drago screamed in pain and not in victory as he felt like one of his ribs broke. The warrior got up "OWWWW! my ribs i think you broke one" he said as he held his chest, then Drago got a look for the first time, the warriors face. He had hazelnut hair and a scar that looked like it ran through his right eye but it didn't "D....Dan? that you " Drago said. He could tell the warrior was smiling by the way his eyebrows moved. "I told you DAN KUSO IS DEAD" said the warrior as he vanished into black smoke. Drago picked up Tigrerra to help her on her feet, then he thought to himself, Dan....what happened to you?

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