Bakugan battle brawlers... Naga's return

Naga returnes and kidnapes Dan! will drago and the brawlers save him before it's too late?


1. Captured

Three months past since Naga was presumed dead by everybody on earth and vistroyia. But happiness didn't last long for Dan kuso the hero. Naga returned secretly and murdered Dan's parents, and managed to frame Dan for it! A few days later Runo's parents were murdered by Naga, and Tigrerra was witness and was hevily wounded. How did Naga manage this? And how are the bakugan human sized? Two weeks before his defeat Naga's former partner and Alice's grandfather created a shrinking ray to reduce all the bakugan to human size and to make it impossible to turn back into ball form so Naga would win- it worked to an extent, however Naga got affected as that's how he was able to do what he did so in a way it was an advantage, Naga's next target?.... Dan Kuso!!!!

        It was a sunny day in Dan kuso's home town, he ws on his way to his friend Alice's Coffee shop that was across the street from his house. He was going to meet Runo Masaki, his friend that he hasn't seen in a long time...he wondered what she would say to him after all this time? Then a thought struck Dan, Tigrerra would be there as well as Hydranoid as well, so he wondered if he should have brought Drago with him today "I wonder if it was a good idea to have left Drago at home today?". Just as Dan was about to open the door of Alice's coffee shop, time slowed down and he heard a low and angry voice behind him "NO! IT WASN'T", Dan turned around in shock and he looked behind him, his eyes widened with fear "Naga! you're alive?!", Dan looked at Naga's hands which were alive with black lightning "No! get away from me!" shouted Dan but Naga didn't care, he hit Dan with a stream of black lightning. Dan screamed for help but none came as time was stopped and Dan passed out cold and a steady stream of blood trickled down Dan's mouth. Naga opened up a portal to Vistroyia  to one of his hideouts. HE dragged Dan by the leg and dragged him inside, completely unaware that Dan's goggles slipped off since he wanted no trace of what happened. With terrible intentions in mind for the young Pyrus brawler, Naga dragged Dan through the portal to Vistroyia and time resumed at its normal speed.

Two hours later Runo masaki, a blue haired girl who had the famous Tigrerra as her partner and she considered Tigrerra a sister since she was there for there when no one was, Runo wondered what Dan would say to her after all this while. "Hello Runo, can i get you anything?" said Alice, "no thanks I'm waiting for Dan" said Runo. "What about you Tigrerra- you want anything?" "yeah ok i'll have a glass of water please" said Tigrerra. "One glass of water coming right up". "Hey Runo, I'm going out for some fresh air" "sure thing sis" said Runo, Tigrerra opened the door and went out to get some air when she spotted something that caught her attention, a pair of blue goggles, she picked them up and studied them in close detail " oh my, these are Dan's goggles" she said, then she noticed the crack on it's left lens. "oh no! what happened here?" said Tigrerra to herself, then she saw traces of black lightning scorch marks on the nearby wall which made her heart skip a beat, her eyes widened with terror when she sensed traces of a dimensional portal nearby, "Naga was here...". Meanwhile inside the coffee shop Runo was still thinking about Dan, when Tigrerra shouted from outside "Runo! come quick!", Runo rushed outside and saw Tigrerra holding Dan's goggles that she got him for his birthday, when she saw the crack on the left lens, her heart was filled with terror, she hoped nothing happened to him, she already lost her parents... and Tigrerra and Dan were the only people she cared about who were still alive. "Wh...who did that?" Runo asked, Tigrerra hesitated "sis...who did that, please tell me... i know you know..." pleaded Runo who was starting to cry. Her sister sighed and said" there was traces of a dimensional portal nearby... and...." "and what tigrerra?" said Runo who was scared and upset, "black lightning, and we know the bakugan who uses it" said Tigrerra who was regretting telling her. Runo gasped and started to sob even more " mean Naga was here?!...HE did this?!" sobbed Runo. "I wish it wasn't true" said Tigrerra trying to divert Runo's attention away from the blood stain on the pavement...but she spotted it and went silent with tears dripping uncontrollably "Runo... i know what you're thinking of... but i SWEAR that won't happen" said Tigrerra, slowly Runo's mind drifted back to that horrible night... the night she lost her parents.

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