Age Doesn't Matter

"Ashton age doesn't matter anymore"


2. Chapter 1

"CLAIRE MAY BROOKS" My father yelled from downstairs. My dad is a very successful entrepreneur and we live in a mansion. Yes you might think that's awesome but it's not. He beats me and forces me to fuck him. I don't really know anything about the outside world and stuff like that.                                     "GET THE CONDOM" My dad yelled.     I grab the condom and my father starts to strip mine and his clothes. He slowly starts to kiss me passionately and slips himself into me. I groan and try to resist the urge to moan his name. He thrusts harder. After 20 minutes of fucking. He finally stops and tells me to leave and let's me call Harry. This is my chance to leave for good. I call Harry and he picks up after about eight rings.

"Hazza Here." He says

"Hey Harry pick me up now"                  




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