Age Doesn't Matter

"Ashton age doesn't matter anymore"


4. Cha

Angelikas POV

"Hey Caden!" I say.

"Hey babe" Caden says. Caden and I are dating... I know I ship Cangelika too. " Wanna hang out?" He asked. " Sure. Where"  I asked. "Um... My house. It doesn't matter we live right next to each other. Open window." H hangs up and I go to my window and open it. There he is standing with no shirt on.                                                                                                          "BABY PUT A SHIRT ON!!!!!!! KASEY IS HERE" I yell. Kasey is my twin sister that has a huge crush on Caden. Kasey looks at Caden and smirks at him. He just rolls his eyes at Kasey.  

"Babe come over" He whines. 

"What do you have" I ask.

"Me, myself and I" He says 

"Seriously Caden" 

"Okay fine... I have food, me, my dick..."  He smirks.                                   "Is anyone there" I ask. "No" He says. "Okay I'm coming." I say. I put on a crop top on and skinny jeans and head out. "IM GOING TO CADENS" I yell. "OKAY YOU CAN SPEND THE NIGHT THERE" My mom yells. I go outside and walk to Caden's. I open the door because we open each other's doors because we trust each other. He runs up to me and kisses my cheek. 






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