Malcolm *For the Dia de Los Muertos Competition*

When Jared's mother is murdered, the only thing in his mind is the thought of revenge. He receives help from a ghost named Malcolm, who says he can make Jared stronger. But, the ghost has other ideas as well. Will Jared figure out Malcolm's true intentions before it's too late? Continued on Quotev.


1. The Ghost in the Bathroom

Jared's POV:

I stared at the coffin as it was lowered into the ground. This couldn't be happening. Mom couldn't be...dead. I felt Susie tugging on my sleeve. "Jared, where is mommy going? Why are they putting her in there?" she said, her brown eyes shining with curiosity that only a six-year old could have. I knelt down in front of her, tears welling up in my eyes.

Susie tilted her head, surprised to see me cry. I wiped my eyes on my suit jacket sleeve and gave Susie a weak smile. "Mommy is going to live with Jesus and the angels," I said, pulling her into a tight hug. "Will she visit us?" Susie asked. I wanted to scream. Why couldn't she understand?! Mom was dead; she was never coming back! Instead, I just shook my head. Susie smiled. "That's okay. She'll watch us from Heaven, right Jared?" No. Heaven doesn't exist, God doesn't exist, none of that crap exists!! I thought. But for her sake, I nodded.

I felt a hand grip my shoulder and turned around to see my father, Peter. He steered us to his rusted, old pickup-truck and we drove home. Well, if you could call it that. You see, dear reader, We lived in an abandoned trailer ever since dad lost his job three years ago. All of the windows are fractured or completely broken, the paint is peeling off, and don't even get me started on the inside. I shivered slightly. If ghosts were real, which they aren't, this place would definitely be haunted. When we walked in, my stomach churned. This was no place for a little girl like Susie to grow up in. I walked to the room mom used to sleep in. It was still blocked off with police tape. I clenched my fists when I saw the stain of blood on the carpet. My mom's blood.

Hot tears spilled over my cheeks and I ran into the bathroom. I clutched the sides of the sink, my entire body shaking with sobs. It wasn't fair! It wasn't fair that mom was dead and her killer was still alive and free. I looked up in the mirror. My eyes were red from crying. My usually pale face was flushed with anger. My blue eyes resembled those of a cornered animal. My blonde hair stuck up everywhere.

"I can help you, Jared," said a voice. It sounded like a thousand snakes hissing and a man whispering at the same time. I whirled around, but no one was there. "Let me help you!" the voice hissed. I screamed and pressed myself against the wall. A figure appeared in the mirror. It's face was gaunt and pale, almost white. It had black, empty sockets for eyes and a pointed nose. It's hair was black and shaggy. It hissed at me, revealing hundreds of razor sharp teeth and a black, forked tongue.

I closed my eyes and took a shaky breath. This wasn't real; none of this was real. I opened my eyes to see the figure looming over me, hovering about an inch above the ground. It's hands were outstretched and it wore a look of curiosity. "Why are you afraid of me? I won't hurt you. I can help you kill him you know," it hissed. It's mouth split into a wide grin. I screamed and swung my arm at his stomach, but it went right through. A chill shivered down my spine. 

The figure hissed, it's shoulders shaking. I think it was laughing. "Silly boy. You can't hurt a ghost," the figure said. I tried to look brave and crossed my arms, my expression hardening. "What do you want?" I asked. The figure sighed in exasperation. "I told you. I can help you get revenge!" it shrieked. I perked up. "You can? How?" The figure smiled. "Now that's more like it! You see, alone, you wouldn't be able to defeat your mother's killer. But with me, an expert in murder, you could," the figure hissed. It seemed to hiss a lot.

My eyes narrowed. The rational part of my brain was screaming at me to run from this creature but somehow, I didn't. "How do I know I can trust you?" I asked. The figure smirked. "You can't," it snarled. My body finally reacted and I sprinted towards the open door. Just as I was about to run through, it slammed closed and locked. The ghost clicked it's tongue. "You didn't think you could get away from me that easily, did you? All I need is a simple yes or no. If you refuse, I'll go away and you'll never see me again. But if you accept, revenge will be yours for the taking!" it said.

I ran my fingers through my hair nervously. How could I choose? I wanted revenge more than anything, but how did I know I could trust this...this thing?! The figure sighed. "I know what you're thinking," it said in a sing-song voice. "Fine, I accept!" I screamed, backing towards the wall. The figure grinned. I hesitated. ''Now that I've accepted, what exactly are you going to do to help me?" I asked.

The figure's grin faded. "Well, uh, I'm going to posses you," it muttered. I froze. "W...what?!" I stammered. The figure shrugged. "You heard me. You'll still be in control, but you'll be more powerful and you'll look...different." I tilted my head slightly. "Different? How?" "Do you want me to show you?" "I...sure, I guess," I muttered. The figure closed it's eyes and disappeared.

A racking pain spread throughout my entire body. I felt like my entire body was freezing and burning to death all at once. When the pain had finally subsided, I had collapsed on the floor, sobbing. "Oh, don't be such a sissy!" a voice in my head snarled. "Is that you?" I asked. "Yep. Now look in the mirror." I got up and walked back over to the sink, gazing into the mirror. My blonde hair was long and shaggy and streaked with black. My green eyes had sunken in and turned bright red. My face was as pale as a sheet. I opened my mouth, revealing a black tongue and pointed teeth.

I stared at my reflection in shock. Another wave of pain coursed through me and the figure reappeared. "Did you like it?" the figure asked hopefully. I opened and closed my mouth, no sound coming out. The figure cackled. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "So uh, now that I know what I've gotten myself into, what should I call you?" The figure hesitated and I rolled my eyes. "C'mon, I've trusted you. It's time for you to return the favor!" I pointed out.

The figure smiled. "Alright then. My name is Malcolm," he said. "Oh, so you're a guy, too? I couldn't really tell with the voice you had..." My voice trailed off. Malcolm nodded, a sly smile playing on his lips. I clasped my hands together. "Alright! Let's get to work."  

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