Malcolm *For the Dia de Los Muertos Competition*

When Jared's mother is murdered, the only thing in his mind is the thought of revenge. He receives help from a ghost named Malcolm, who says he can make Jared stronger. But, the ghost has other ideas as well. Will Jared figure out Malcolm's true intentions before it's too late? Continued on Quotev.


2. Having Some Fun

Malcolm's POV:

I finally found a host to posses! Now, all I had to do was convince Jared to give me full control over his body. It would take a while, but I would succeed. After a bit of planning, Jared went to bed. I took the opportunity to explore the small trailer. I had only ever been in the bathroom and, occasionally, Jared's room. As I left the bathroom, I spotted a room blocked off by police tape. A large stain of blood lingered on the carpet.

I tried to remember who Jared had said was murdered. I think it was his...his mom? Yeah, that sounded right. The room was stripped of all furniture except for a tall, rectangular mirror. I quickly turned away, afraid to see my own reflection. I approached another room. A door, which was probably the closet, sat all alone in the back of the room. The only furniture there was a small bed where a little girl lay sleeping. Her bright red hair was matted and her thumb was in her mouth. I grinned wickedly and hid in the girl's closet, waiting for her to wake up.I winced as the door creaked and the little girl sat up, rubbing her little brown eyes. I willed myself to be invisible to her. She yawned and looked around the room.

"Jared? Is that you?" she asked sweetly. I chuckled darkly and floated through the closet door, remaining invisible. She brought her blankets closer to her. "Jared, it's not funny! You're scary me!" I held back my laughter and crept towards her bed, looming over her. I curled my lips back into a snarl and stretched my arms towards her. I willed myself to become visible. The girl burst into tears. "Daddy! Jared! There's a monster!" she wailed. I turned myself invisible again and ran out. I sat next to the door, barely containing my laughter. Two people ran past me and into the room. "Jared, Daddy, there's a monster in my closet," the girl sobbed. I saw Jared stiffen and I instinctively shrank back.

"There is no such thing as monsters, Susie. Go back to sleep," her father growled.  "Yes there is! He was..." Susie's father cut her off with a slap and she sobbed harder. Jared tackled him and brought him to the ground. He threw Jared off of him and kicked him in the stomach over and over again. Jared curled up in a ball, but his eyes were expressionless and he made no move to stop his father. I realized with start that he must be used to this sort of treatment! An overwhelming sense of anger came over me. No kid deserved this! This was cruel! I resisted the urge to keep myself visible.

After their father was done with Jared, he turned back to Susie. "Go back to sleep, you little..." I couldn't stand it any longer. I made myself visible and walked through the wall. Their father gaped at me and Susie began crying again. "!" their father stammered, pointing a shaking finger. I grinned, making sure to show my teeth. "I thought there were no such thing as monsters," I hissed. He screamed and ran out, leaving me alone with Susie and Jared.

"M...make him go away, Jared!" Susie wailed. Jared cradled her into his arms, rocking her back and forth. I knelt down in front of her and gave her what I hoped looked like a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you," I said softly. Susie sniffed and looked up at me. "Promise?" she asked. I nodded. Susie smiled and settled into Jared's arms. I went back to the bathroom while Jared put Susie back in bed. I looked at my reflection and glared. My teeth were no longer pointed and eyes had begun to from.

"You're going soft, Malcolm. Stop it," I hissed to myself. Almost immediately, all signs of change had disappeared and I was back to my normal self. I grinned. I drifted out of the bathroom and into Jared's room. He was lying down in bed, staring at the ceiling. When he saw me, his expression hardened.

"Nice going, Malcolm. Thanks to you, Susie thinks monsters are hiding in her closet!" he snarled. I shrugged. "So? There probably are. Monsters like Boggarts prefer dark places like that; almost every child has one," I said, smirking. Jared turned away in disgust. "I can't believe you! Don't ghosts have feelings?!" I hesitated, unsure of how to answer. "Not...not in the same way humans do," I muttered. Jared sat up.

"What do you mean?" he asked, his eyes filled with curiosity. I shrugged. "We can feel sad, angry, depressed, lonely, guilty, etc. We can't feel love or happiness or friendship. No matter how much we want to," I said softly. Jared looked down at his hands awkwardly. "Oh," he said. "Well, um, I'll leave you now. You need your rest. Remember, we leave tomorrow."

I got up and left. I passed by Susie's room on my way back to the bathroom. I put up the hood of my robe over my head so that she couldn't see me as well. "I know you're there, Malcolm," she said, looking right at me with her big brown eyes. I sighed. "Will any more monsters come out?" she sniffed. I shook my head. She smiled and settled down under her covers. "Thank you," she murmured sleepily. I leaned against the doorframe, watching her fall asleep.  I had forgotten what it was like to be alive and to feel happiness a long time ago. I sighed and wandered around a bit more.

I spotted Jared's dad sitting on a couch and watching TV, beer bottle in hand. I curled my fingers into a fist. He would pay for how he treated Jared and Susie. I crept into Jared's room. Thankfully, he was asleep. I closed my eyes and a strange sensation went through me. I opened up my eyes to see that I was in Jared's body.

I grinned and crept back towards the living room. The beer bottle now lay empty on the floor, along with several others. He was out cold. I snuck past him and went into the kitchen. As quietly as I could, I searched in the drawers for the sharpest knife I could possibly find. I finally chose one and snuck up behind him. The poor fellow didn't even see me coming. I stood behind him and clamped my hand over his mouth and poised the knife over his heart. I stabbed him and his eyes shot open.

His screams of agony were muffled by my hand as I stabbed him again. And again. AND AGAIN! The life finally drained out of his eyes and his body went limp. I stared at the torrnets of blood seeping out of the wounds I had made with wonder. I dipped my finger in it and licked it. It was a gorgeus crimson color, and it was warm with life. I shivered.

I quickly turned away and wiped the knife on the carpet. After returning the knife to its drawer, I began to walk to Jared's room. I felt something stir inside of me, and a feeling of panic overwhelmed me. Jared was waking up! He would soon be back in control! I ran into Jared's room and put myself under the covers. I closed my eyes and the same sensation went through me as I exited his body. I felt stronger after that kill. I grinned wickedly. "I can't wait for tomorrow," I hissed.  


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