Not your typical love story...

Madison has had a complicated life. She fell for her friend Logan. For unknown reasons he stopped talking to her. After finally reclaiming their friendship important people from her past start to reappear. Will the history unknown to Logan threaten the relationship they are building?

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3. Chapter three

Chapter three: my spot part 2

Madison's POV;

Logan releases my hand and I place the weaved rope bag on the grassy patch before removing my watch and 'can't touch this' shirt, leaving me in my daisy bikini and swimming shorts. I grabbed the two towels from my bag and placed them on the grass next to the bag so I wouldn't have to grab them later. I unravel the blue beach towel and grab my portable Bluetooth speaker.

"In the mood for some sleeping with sirens?" I ask turning back to Logan

"When aren't I?"

I connect my phone to the speaker cranked the sound to full and put my sleeping with sirens playlist on shuffle. Roger rabbit started playing making me smile.

*****that night*****

Logan's POV;

When we got back from the waterfall the sun was almost at setting point, so we texted the boys and invited the boys over for games and a movie.

"That's enough!!!"

"I'm sorry Ash but like Dave said I play like a girl." Madi burst out laughing.

"What?! What on earth do you mean Woods?" Ash yelled, I grabbed the bowl of chips and walked back into the lounge.

"I play like a girl so try keep up idiot!" I chuckled at Madison's comment.

"How badly she beating him?" Ethan asked as he came in with the pizza boxes.

"Oh, she is caning him!!!" Paddy screamed.

Ethan put the boxes down and looked at the screen. "Wow, she is. How lon-"


Suddenly Madison leapt off the couch and tackled Ash off his seat landing them both on the floor. There faces were inches apart.

"Well Smith, I hope my 10-0 victory is satisfying for you cuz.... THE WINNER WANTS PIZZA!!!!" She rolled off him and pumped her fists in the air while exploding into fit off giggles.

Madison's POV ;

His arms wrap around me pulling me back on top of him.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Logan said before leaving the room.

****three hours later****

"Bye guys!! See you later!! Dave don't forget to tell Caitlin I hope she feels better soon!" I pull the door closed and locked it. Tonight was fun. I guess but David wouldn't stop texting Caitlin making sure she was okay, Ethan kept screaming throughout the whole movie, Paddy sat on the floor eating all the pizza leftover from dinner, Ashton and Logan were both acting weird. I mean I kind of understand Ashton's behavior, we had some trial dates last month but no matter how hard we tried to do couple ish things it was, well, he is stuck in the friend zone.

Logan's POV ;

I open my eyes and pull myself out of bed. As I head down the hall as I pull on my ACDC shirt. I take a few steps into Madison's room before stopping in my tracks.

"What the hell is going on here!" I scream

Madison sat up pulling the sheets with her to cover her naked chest.

"Oh, hi Logan last night after you went to bed, Ashton came back and proposed." She raises her hand showing a diamond ring

"Good thing to I'm pregnant."

There was a loud screaming and I turn around to see Madison holding A small crying baby. I was about to ask what was going on when there was a yell from where I had been looking only seconds before. I turn back to see Ashton sprawled out on a leather recliner. You know the one that WASN'T THERE BEFORE!? "No,No.... Please don't hit him, G-go get Daddy a new beer." Madison bawled.

Madison's POV;


I leap out of bed and rush down the hall to Logan's room and turn on the light.

"Logan, are you okay?"


So the boys are their friends and they consist of:

Paddy Walker: a tall boy with short dirty blonde hair who loves food.... And video games

Ethan Fields: he is medium height he has dirty blonde hair as well but it's always in a quiff, he is Irish loves food and paintball.

David Turner: he is the tallest of all the boys, short blonde curly hair and is dating Madison's friend Caitlin (you will learn more about her later.)

Ashton Smith: brown curly hair that he always quiff, he dies a small strip of his hair blonde. He is decent height loves video games but always loses to Madison how he briefly dated.

Cool so that's the boys you will learn about Madis friends that are girls later on and I will give the A/N at the beginning of that chapter so you know who they are and stuff.

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