Not your typical love story...

Madison has had a complicated life. She fell for her friend Logan. For unknown reasons he stopped talking to her. After finally reclaiming their friendship important people from her past start to reappear. Will the history unknown to Logan threaten the relationship they are building?

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10. Chapter ten

Chapter ten: he's like a brother


Madison's POV;

"Hey Babe, can i talk to you in the other room for a sec?"

ugh i hate it when he calls me babe, "Um yea, i'll be right back Charlie." i stand up from the spear bed and follow Logan down into the kitchen, "Whats up?"

"Why is he here? surely he can stay with one of his many friends?"

"You're kidding me right? Charlie is one of closest, oldest friends, we meet in kinder-garden he is like a older brother to me." at that i turn and walk out of the room.


*fifteen minutes later*

"Okay Charlie have fun with the boys, um just text me if you need any help getting back to the house."

"Yea, but are you sure you don't want to come in?"

"No i am going to meet up with someone for coffee.."

i wave goodbye before pulling out of the driveway, 

*half hour later*

i pull into the parking space at the coffee shop Hollywoods in Orewa, 

our old meeting spot. I sigh and reach for the car keys.

*knock, knock, knock* 

I look to the left and smile, before reaching over and unlocking the door.

"Iced vanilla coffee still your favorite?" he smirks as he passes me a cup,

"You remembered?" i say in complete aw.
"Well we did date for like four years," he chuckles, "So do you wanna go on a walk?"

i nod climbing out of the car and locking it.

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