Not your typical love story...

Madison has had a complicated life. She fell for her friend Logan. For unknown reasons he stopped talking to her. After finally reclaiming their friendship important people from her past start to reappear. Will the history unknown to Logan threaten the relationship they are building?

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6. Chapter six

(There was two character changes in the last chapter due to the lose of their friendship in real life, but anywho I'm sorry I haven't updated lately! I had exams at school! :( but it's okay!!! They are over now! Oh yea and I tried to update last night but the chapter deleted!?!? Okay well here I go trying to rewrite it..)

Chapter six: memories remain 

Madison's POV;

"Wait? Madison" I quickly turn around at the sound of the familiar voice. OMG!!!!

"Holy cow! Max!" I leap forward and wrap my arms around his neck and take in this natural scent I've missed so much. I step back and release my grip.

"How have you been!" He smiles, his crystal blue eyes burning into my brown ones.

"I've been great, how are you?"

~half a hour later~

I wrap my arms around him one more time.

"Call me sometime, I would love to catch up more." I say before we head our separate ways. I start off towards were I'm supposed to be meeting the girls, and as I walk I can't help but think of all the lovely memories me and Max had and all the crap he helped me through.


"Don't worry, I've got you." Max says as he places his hands on my waist gripping me tightly. I nod before taking a big breathe and stepping onto the skateboard. I have always wanted a skateboard, and I can't believe Max bought me one, we have been going out for a few months now.

"Are you sure you have got me? Like really sure?" I ask, Max lets out a slight chuckle and I feel him place his head on my shoulder. I turn my head and look into his crystal blue eyes.

"Madison, I have only ever been more sure of one thing." He smirks at me.

"And what's that?" I ask raising a eyebrow. He bites his lip before replying.

"I love you." He takes a hand off my waist and moves it to my cheek allowing me to turn around, and our lips connect. I guess they were right, there is such thing as fireworks.

~next flashback~

"Madison just give me your arm!" He was getting impatient. I violently shake my head no. So he grabs my arm and pulls it closer so he can see it better. With his free hand he unclips my watch and removes it leaving my wrist bare. His face instantly softens and I can see tears threatening to spill.

"Wh why why would you do this to yourself?" Tears stream down my face and I feel Max's arms wrap around me and pull me into a hug.

~next flashback~

Two arms snake around my waist and someone whispers in my ear.

"Could this be my beautiful girlfriend?" I feel myself start to giggle and turn around to face him. Man those eyes get me every time.

"Oh my, it's my curly carrot." I smile as pull my hand through his short curly ginger hair. He starts to lean in and as soon as our lips connect I hear a yell from a unpleasant voice.

"Hey you two get a room, you are just gross!" I roll my eyes as Ben walks past us into the classroom. I pick up my bag and head towards the door. I feel a gentle tug at my wrist as Max pulls me back.

"Wait a minute, I haven't given a beautiful girl her valentines present." I smile and close my eyes.

"Okay open your eyes!" I open my eyes to see a small jewelry box. I raise a eyebrow he knows I'm not big on jewelry. I lift the lid of the box.

"Oh my gosh Max!!! You didn't!!!" He takes the box from my hands and motions for me turn around. And that's exactly what I do. I lift all my hair up so it doesn't get caught in the chain. I hear I tiny click and feel the cold gold chain against my skin. I look down and run my thumb over the gold letters that spell out Max.

"Okay my turn to give you your present!"

~next flashback~

"I'm sorry! I make your life awful I know." Tears create a trail down my face and he pulls me into a hug.

"Aw honey, you don't make my life awful. I just wish you would stop doing this to yourself."

"Do-o you want to break up with me? I will understand if you do..." I say before bursting into sobs.

"If I ever lost you I would be broken, i don't think I will ever be able to break up with you."

~end of flashbacks~

"Hey guys you ready to leave?" I ask.

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