Not your typical love story...

Madison has had a complicated life. She fell for her friend Logan. For unknown reasons he stopped talking to her. After finally reclaiming their friendship important people from her past start to reappear. Will the history unknown to Logan threaten the relationship they are building?

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4. Chapter four

Chapter four: It was a dream

Logan's POV ;

I bolt up in bed, covered in sweat. It was just a dream. It was just a dream. The light flicks on and the door swings open.

"Logan, are you okay? "

"It was a nightmare" I run my hands through my hair

"Good, that means you're okay." She lets out a deep breath

"NO, NO MADISON IM NOT OKAY." She looks at me confused

"What do you mean Log?" I throw the covers off myself and stand up

"I can't fight it anymore." I walk towards her, thinking I wanted to pass she presses her back to the door. I turn to her, place my hands on her cheeks and connect our lips.

Madison's POV;

OMG!! He is kissing me!! Honestly I know it's not a dream there is no way a dream could make you feel fireworks so real. The second after he connects our lips I react. Swinging my arms around his neck and jump up to wrap my legs around his waist. He stubbles backwards and lands us on his bed. After a while we pull apart to breath.

"We need to talk about.... This." He nods. We crawl under the covers and he wraps his arms around me.

"Before, you said that you couldn't fight it anymore"

"That I did" he said and bit his lip, god damn he is sexy.

"What did you mean?"

He takes a deep breath "I have had a huge crush on you, ever since primary school. When my friends found out they stated teasing me. Then they took it to far. You remember when they said you had a crush on me. Yea they were 'helping'." Tears flew from my eyes "Madi, what's wrong?"

"Logan I had a crush on you. I thought they found out and that you stopped talking to me because of it. Then I found out you got a girlfriend and I couldn't find another answer."

"Mad's I only started dating her to try get over you."

"Logan, I was falling for you. By the time you had stopped talking to me it was to late, I had fallen. " I take a deep breath and continue " I have spent everyday since, to make me fell better about myself. Then I moved onto dating. Honestly I thought it would all help me get up dust off and move on. But I couldn't do it. I had fallen to hard. For you."


sorry for the short chapter, but at least they have shared their feelings for each other.

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