Not your typical love story...

Madison has had a complicated life. She fell for her friend Logan. For unknown reasons he stopped talking to her. After finally reclaiming their friendship important people from her past start to reappear. Will the history unknown to Logan threaten the relationship they are building?

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5. Chapter five

Chapter five: annual get together

******A/N ******

So here are Madison's closest girl friends

Amelia Gray: Amelia has long light brown hair dark brown eye and lots of freckles, she loves screamo and energy drinks is very rough and tumble just as much as Madi.

Trinity Small: medium length brown hair dark brown eyes became friends with Madison because they both see them selves as antisocial rejects of their school

Talya Miller: Talya has short semi curly hair that is naturally brown but she dies it blonde, she has blue eyes and is very girly but madly in love with animals, one of Madis closest friends.

Heidi Hall: lived down the road from Madi growing up and would spend a lot of holidays together, Heidi has blonde hair and blue and green eyes

Caitlin King: Green eyes and brownish blonde hair, is dating David they had a on again off again throughout college but are now steady, she meet Madison in a science class and has been good friends with Madi and the girls ever since.

Now onto the chapter


Madison's POV;

"Thank you." I smile as the worker hands me my drink, I sit down and the girls do the same pulling out a chair around the food court table. "So... He kissed you....." Amelia asked, I feel the grin spread on my face and nod my head, "thank god, I thought I was going to have to beat the feelings out of the boy." Trinity laughs. The whole table joins in laughing. We continue to talk about random things until we are all finished eating.

"Okay, you guys wanted to go to forever new," I say as I wave my pointer finger in their direction, "so I'm going to go, to that new beachie skater shop that just opened, I think it's called Tilly's?" They nod and we all stand up to leave, we walk towards forever new,

"Okay, bye guys!" I smile as I stop letting them continue to forever new, which was only a few store down. I walk in the store and start to look around. After a while of looking around I stop at the rack by the wall. I take a step back to try and get a better look at what is on the shelves and accidentally bump into someone.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking!" I say as I start to turn around.

"No, it fine. It was probably my fault anyway." The voice replies before I could turn completely around. "Wait, Madison?"

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