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"All I know is that it hurts. Looking at her hurts. It always has, it always will. I just want it to stop."


4. thrєє


I was only home for an hour and a half, when I got a text from Luke, asking me to come over. I didn’t answer him. About two hours later, I received a snapchat from him. It was a picture of him with one eye closed and a smirk with the caption of a winky face. When I had not answered after ten minutes, he sent me another. It was him sticking his tongueout and asking if I was mad at him. I replied with a picture of my wall, saying maybe. Truth is, I wasn’t sure if I was mad, hurt, upset, or just over it. I’m angry at myself for what I said to him. I’m angry at myself for telling him about my father. Luke replied almost immediately, sending me a pouty face and another five minutes later, asking to facetime with me. Before I could reject his offer, he called me over the video chat. Rolling my eyes, I let out a disgruntled sigh and answered it.
“What do you want, Luke?” I asked, closing the door to my bedroom in case dad came home early.
“What are you doing?” He asked, ignoring my prior statement.
“Nothing. I was cleaning before you disturbed me.” I spoke with a hint of annoyance, pulling my hair out of it’s ponytail and sitting on my bed.
“Come over.” He offered, smiling.
“No.”I shook my head.“Why not? Everyone is here. They’re all watching a film. I snuck away to call you.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. It’s so typical of Luke to invite everyone over and then ditch them to do something else.

“I don’t want to hang out with everyone.” I nagged, hoping he’d just leave me alone.
“Can I come to your house, then?” He asked, playing with his hair. It looked so fluffy.
“No.” I muttered. “Why not?”
“Because I said so, Luke!”
“But we need to talk!” He persisted. “We don’t need to talk about anything!”
“Yes! We do.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Romina.” He stated.
“Lucas.” I mocked.
“Please don’t shut me out again. Just talk to me.” He pleaded. I opened my mouth to speak, but was immediately interrupted by dad bursting into my room.
“Romina!” He yelled, I dropped my phone on the mattress in surprise, praying that luke wouldn’t talk. “What the fuck are you doing?” He pressed.
“Nothing.” I whispered. “I was just playing a game on my phone.” I lied, he scoffed.

“Where the fuck is dinner?” He asked, leaning against the door frame.
“It’s in the frid-” he cut me off.
“Why isn’t it waiting for me on the table?!” He yelled. I looked at my lap, pushing my hair behind my ear, biting my lip.
“I-I cooked it early today. And I put it there so it’d stay fresh.” I cowered.
“If dinner isn’t on the table in five minutes, you’re going to get it, girl.” He threatened.
“Yes, dad.” I obliged, jumping slightly when he slammed the door, shaking the house. I slowly picked my phone back up with shaky hands. “I have to go.” I rasped.
“Let me help you.” Luke begged.
“I have to go.” I repeated, trying not to cry.
“Will you call me later?” He asked.
“I don’t know!” I snapped, hanging up on him and rushing downstairs, putting dad’s food in the microwave.


My shaky hands dialed Luke’s number as I stood in the cold outside of his house.
“Hello?” He answered in a groggy tone, as it was nearly two in the morning. I sniffled, more tears falling onto my pounding face.
“L-Luke?” I asked.
“Romy.” He stated. “What’s going on?” I saw the light in his room turn on, his silhouette amongst the curtains stretching briefly.
“I-I’m outside of your house.” I cried. “I didn’t know where else to go.” His breathing was slow.
“I’ll be down in a second.” He mumbled, hanging up. Luke opened the door in athletic shorts and a plain black t-shirt. He looked sleepy, his hair was a mess. As soon as he opened the door, I smelt his mum’s signature air fresheners, balsam and cedar. My favorite scent, besides Luke’s of course. It smelt like home, I immediately began tearing up.
“Can I come in?” I asked, trying not to cry. Luke stepped aside, closing the door behind me and turning the light on. I stayed faced away from him, not wanting him to see the state I was in.
“Romy, are you alright?” He asked, I shook my head. He lightly turned me around, covering his mouth to suppress a gasp as he stared at my busted eyebrow and black eye. “Come on.” He whispered, taking my hand and leading me to his kitchen. Grabbing my hips, he lifted me on top of the counter and got a wet paper towel.

He lightly wiped my cheeks, removing the makeup I had ruined, and slightly went over my black eye, but withdrew as I flinched. He tended to my busted eyebrow, wiping off the dry blood and directing me to hold the paper towel to the fresh blood. He swiftly walked to the freezer, getting an ice pack out and telling me to hold it as he desperately tried to stop the bleeding. My eye burnt from the cold, and Luke stared at me with a frown.
“Rom… I think you need stitches.” He confessed. “It… It won’t stop bleeding.”
“No!” I rejected. “I can’t! Luke, they’ll examine me! I can’t go!” It hurt to keep my eye open, and it hurt even worse when I started crying.
“Romy, we have to go to emergency care.” He lightly ordered.
“No.” I sobbed. “I-I can’t. Luke, please don’t make me.”
“Please.” He begged. Despite my rejections, Luke carried me to his car and drove me to the emergency care, I cried the whole way. I was still crying when he carried me in. We were taken to an examination room and told I needed stitches. The doctor asked me what happened, and I lied, telling him that I was sneaking out to go to a party, and I fell off the window sill, banging my head.

Luke promised to wait for me in the waiting room, but I began to sob, pulling away from the doctors.
“Luke! No, please come with me.” He rushed to my side.
“Romy, it’s all right, I’m staying here, okay?” My lip began to quiver.
“No… No, Luke, please.” I cried. “I-I’m scared, Luke. I need you. Please don’t leave me.” He stared at me for a brief second before nodding.
“I’m here.” He promised, grabbing my hand and walking down the hall with me. “I’m not going to leave you.” He told me. “I’m going to protect you.”





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