мaĸe ιт ѕтop

"All I know is that it hurts. Looking at her hurts. It always has, it always will. I just want it to stop."


1. ѕυммary & cнaracтerѕ


Summary ©


"I know I haven't called you back in a week, but I had a good reason.

My hands are shaking so damn hard and I can't find the words to tell you that sometimes, when two stars collide, they form a black hole.

And your voice... It's my favorite song and how your lip quivers makes my bones feel like they're snapping in half.

I love you too much to spit out the black hole, the sucking mass of nothing that I feel growing in my chest and in your mouth when we kiss.

You are the brightest star in the sky, but my eyes are still closed--I still see myself burning out and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but I can't kiss you tonight.

I can't kiss you ever again because I'm going insane and I can't stop thinking, I can't stop shaking and I just need someone to save me.

I need you to save me, but you are not here.

You promised you'd take care of me.

You promised--you fucking promised, and here I am, lying in my own blood and my pill tainted vomit. Make it stop, Luke.

Please just make it stop."




Ashton Irwin

Age: 18

Close friend of Romy, Kaylee's boyfriend



Calum Hood

Age: 18

Close friend of Romy, Steph's boyfriend




Ella Moore

Age: 17

Close friend of Romy, Michael's girlfriend




Kaylee Hughes

Age: 18

Romy's best friend, Ashton's girlfriend




Luke Hemmings

Age: 17

Has been in love with Romy since he first saw her, but doesn't

want to be rejected, so he hides it.




Madison Brown

Age: 17

The girl who's been out to ruin Romy's life since year one.




Michael Clifford

Age: 17

Close friend of Romy, Ella's boyfriend




Romina Baker AKA Romy

Age: 17

Secretly has a crush on Luke, but refuses to admit it




Stephanie Patton AKA Steph

Age: 18

Close friend of Romy, Calum's girlfriend



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