Wear It'll Give You Courage

What happens when Riley meets her ex again and happens to fall for his bandmate while having a fun winter in the city of Sydney.

Warning: a lot of drama


1. (Prologue) What happened

The Meeting:

The year that one direction was on the x factor Riley was on with her best friend Jesy so they got Simon Cowell as their mentor once one direction was formed Riley could spend more time with Louis once they got to the judges house they sang big girls don’t cry and got through to the next round along with one direction so once one direction came over to where they were Riley says “why didn’t you tell me Louis” Louis “I was going to tell you but I haven't told the guys” Riley “you ashamed of me being your sister” Liam “wait what Louis you said that she was a old friend” Louis “would it have made a difference if I told you” Zayn “yeah she’s attractive I would have asked her out if you told us” Louis “Zayn back off she’s not into the vain ones are you Riley” Riley “no but I’m in the laid back, gentle, attractive and bad bois and Zayn is all of them so if you want me then you have to come and get me but you have to ask Louis first” Zayn “and if Louis says no” Riley “then I might still go out with you” Louis “no you wont” Riley “why” Louis “well I’m not saying no or yes just get to know each other first” Riley “blimey Louis you always have to be right” Louis “well R I know you, you always like to know the guy before” Riley “true now boo bear this is Jesy, Jesy this is my amazing brother Louis” Louis “hey Jesy you must be the girl that my sister talks about” Jesy “oh is that right and I’m happy to finally about to meet you Riley said she had a awesome brother but didn’t say who” Louis “yeah she is a bit or reserved then the rest of the family, I guess she get that from mum" after a few minutes of talking Riliess and Jesy gest tired so go back to their room.


Semi Finals:

Once Riliess and Jesy got to this week they knew that they would have to do an amazing song as their families will be their so Jesy thinks that they should sings Cannonball but Riliess thinks that they should do Don't Let Go so they ask the guys who they have made really good friends with expcetaly Riliess and Zayn and Riliess and Harry so they say that Don't Let go is a good choice. That week Simon took his group to record a song if they make it to the very end and give the girls Cannonball and so Jesy has her song that she wanted. Once the day before their performants Riliess sick so once the night comes Riliess sounds a bit off but still sings through it once the performants have been done by everyone they girls and One Direction goes backstage and see their families so the guys families (except Louis's) meets Riliess parents once they meet them Harry says " but I thought you were brother and sister" Louis " we said that we were siblings nothing more or less" Johanna " Hey beautiful it's been ages since I have seen you" with that Riliess turns around and sees her mum so runs up to her and says " I have missed you so much" Louis " hey mum" Johanna " hey Louis" then grabs Riley and hugs her so Harry says " So that's how you are related" Louis " same mums but different dad's" Harry " so that's how you are related" with that Riliess then goes back over to her dad and says " yeah" .

(That was the last time that Jesy and Riliess sung together as they didn't make it to the next round).


After a few (4) months:

Riley and Jesy still keep in touch. Jesy and Riley one day get a call from Simon so they come in and he says " we have three girls that we have put together and they have good voices do you think you will be able to become a band with them" Both " well we need to meet them or we won't be able to sing with them" Simon " that can be arranged, we will get you to come in when different people come in to sing with them how about that" Both " yes, thank you so much Simon" Simon " that's ok, now Riliess I need to talk to you alone" with that Jesy goes out of the room and goes home once Jesy has left Simon says " the guys miss you and they say that they won't perform without you watching them or they will quit so please get in contact with them because they are the best that I have ever had in my team so please I need to keep them" Riley " ok I will" Simon " thank you" with that Riley goes out of the building and goes onto Twitter and finds out where they live then gets into her car and drives to North London once Riley gets there she goes to the guys house and knocks on the door and Louis comes to the door so says " Riley" then pulls her inside and bear hugs her after that hug then i knew that i was home. 


Long story short that was the day that I got together with Harry. A week afterwards was the day that i said goodbye to England and got got onto a plane to say goodbye to my past and move to my future.

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