Falling for the Teacher

In the beginning it was good

In the end it turned bad


2. Rooms

Three years earlier ...

My family and I had just come back from Europe it had been magical I had met the sweetest guy ever, but then we had to move back to Australia.

"Lucy can you take Alex to soccer practice ??"

I groan

"Fine!!! Alex lets go

I get in the car and start to drive

"What time do I pick you up?"


I nod and start up the car I decided to visit the river were my friends and I always use to hang out. When I arrive I see a boy about 3 years older then me, I walk up to him


"Hi I say and we then started to have a conversation

"So what are you thinking of majoring in?" Dylan asked

"English " say

"Cool I'be actually be starting as an English teacher

I smile I should have known

One thing led to another and you could say that we have history

You can probably guess

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