1 Month ~ Calum Hood Fanfic *on hold*

*this book is on hold until "Not your typical love story..." is finished but i will come back, check out my other book its based from things that have happened in my life, these things are mainly in Madison's past. (Madison from the other book.) *

Madison works at her fathers paintball store, her and her fathers business partners son run it, it was just another typical day, until one of her favorite bands of all time walk into the store.


2. chapter two

Calum's POV;

The tour was finished, and it was awesome. This place even had a gaming room with chair that had inbuilt speakers, and each chair was connected to a different tv that hung on the wall, that meant lots of play-station's. And the collection of black op games they have is amazing. The tour ended with a game of paintball so me and the boys are just taking off our overalls, and Madison is putting the guns away, I can't help but smile and think about how when she took us to the shooting range and demonstrated, she had the perfect shot, hit every target with ease. My thoughts are interrupted by the boys who are screeching in pain, and complaining to about their bruises. Sure I had a few bruises but I wasn't being a idiot and poking them?! Madison comes back from the tiny she'd like place she had disappeared to and was now holding a pair of keys and smiling like a kid on Christmas Day.

"What are those for?" Luke asks nodding at the keys. She didn't reply she just motioned for us to follow her, and that's what we did. It was only a short walk but when we stopped we were standing in front of three tanks!

"So as you can probably already tell, these are tanks, but to be exact they are A.P.C's, that stands for Armored personnel carrier." We all nod as she continues ", now I'm going to be taking you for a ride in 'Red' and depending on how it goes I might let you guys drive." She smiles and unlocks the red A.P.C .


I know it's a short chapter but I'm sorry. Now this paintball place is real, my father does own it, and we do have A.P.C's that I know how to drive.


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