1 Month ~ Calum Hood Fanfic *on hold*

*this book is on hold until "Not your typical love story..." is finished but i will come back, check out my other book its based from things that have happened in my life, these things are mainly in Madison's past. (Madison from the other book.) *

Madison works at her fathers paintball store, her and her fathers business partners son run it, it was just another typical day, until one of her favorite bands of all time walk into the store.


3. Chapter three

Calum's POV;

"Hey guys, it's been two days since we landed in New Zealand." Luke says to the laptop, the boys were doing a live video stream. "We are currently in Auckland, we should be heading to Wellington next." Luke was going to say something else before Michael interrupted him.

"That's if we can get Calum on the plane, Cuz he's got a crush!!!!" The boys burst out laughing.

"Calum's got a crush, Calum's got a crush!" The boys sang. I groan and stand up to leave.

"Aww... We made Cally mad!" Ashton laughs, I roll my eyes and throw a pillow at the back of their heads.

"I'm heading out I will text you later and let you know where I am." I grumble and head out the door.

Madison's POV;

"Madz can you pass me the keys to the quad bike?" Tj asked as he entered the office. I pick up the key and throw them across the room to him. As he turns around to head backdown the stairs I run across the room and jump onto his back. He laughs and just continues down the stairs. He reaches the bottom and I jump off his back. "Okay, I'm be back later."

"Bye Tg, have fun" I say and I pass him a walkie-talkie. As soon as he leaves i pull out my phone and go onto my Twitter. I in some lyrics from 'Missing you' by All time low before hitting tweet and turning off my phone. I sigh as I lean down and pull out a shoe box of Polaroids. I set it on the counter and start to shift through them. I drop a few of the photos and lean down to pick them up, and the beep goes off. I stand up to see who it is.

"Calum, wow hi. I wasn't expecting to see you back here again... So where are the boys..." Damn I was rambling. He just makes me so nervous, I mean come on he's Calum Hood!

"The boys are at the hotel... Doing a live video stream last time I checked.." He replies smiling.

"What? Calum you do realize your hotel is in Auckland? Right?" I can't help but laugh, "And, um, Calum. I don't know if you realized this but. You are a hour out of Auckland..."

Calum's POV;

She continues to laugh, damn she is so amazing. I just want to kiss her. I laugh nervously.

"Oh is that why I'm hungry? When I left the hotel it was 11.... You must be hungry too. When do you get off? We could go somewhere." Her face drops, dear god what have I done. She starts laughing nervously and a huge grin spreads over her face. She closes the shoebox sitting on the counter before shoving it somewhere out of site. She then picks up a walkie-talkie.

"Hey Tg, I'm cashing in my missed breaks and going out for lunch, I'll lock up and text you later." There was a short silence before a voice crackled over the line.

"YUS!!!! GO AND EAT!!!! I PR-" the voice was cut off as she turned off the wallow-talkie off.

"Let's go"


I know, I know. It's not much but I might do a double update... Anyway.... Do you think their is something up with Madison... Or anything between her and Tj?


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