1 Month ~ Calum Hood Fanfic *on hold*

*this book is on hold until "Not your typical love story..." is finished but i will come back, check out my other book its based from things that have happened in my life, these things are mainly in Madison's past. (Madison from the other book.) *

Madison works at her fathers paintball store, her and her fathers business partners son run it, it was just another typical day, until one of her favorite bands of all time walk into the store.


1. Chapter One

Madison's POV;

It's just another typical work day, I look at my watch and see its 11:35am. Yussss!!!! My break time, I walk into the small lunch room to see Tj playing with the coffee machine. Again.

"Hey Tj, you don't mind if I switch the tv's to MTV right?" I ask as I grab a bottle of water from the employee fridge. He quickly glances at the wall clock before nodding yes. I smile and walk back into the main room of the store.

Tj's POV (this won't happen often but yea here) ;

It's now 1 ish, the stores been quiet so Madi is in the games room cleaning up, meanwhile I'm watching the main part of the store and refilling the drink machine. I close the V fridge and here four beeps signaling there are customers. I turn around and see four boys....in their late teens maybe?

"Hi guys what can I help you with?" I smile as the group make their way towards me.

"Hi, um we just came from Auckland and as we were getting off the motorway we saw the sign" I nod me head, I can tell from his accent he is Australian. ",we thought we stop by for a game and tour, we haven't seen a paintball place like this one before." I smile

"I know just what you mean, now,Madison dose tours. She's in the other room. I'll go get her, just have a look around and I'll be right back." They start to look around and i head down the short hall and enter the gaming room. Madison's wiping the inbuilt speakers on the gaming chairs. I creep up behind her and scream boo and poke my two index fingers into her sides. She jumps into the air with a squeal. She turns around to face me and her face is bright pink. We both let out a quick laugh before I tell her there is a group of boys waiting for a tour. She smiles and jumps on my back so I can piggy back her to the main part of the store. We get to the end of the hall and she jumps off my back before I slip away behind the counter again.

Calum's POV;

"Hi guys, I'm Madison." A sweet New Zealand accent calls from behind. I turn around to see a short brunette. Her eyes widen and she starts looking back and forth between me and the guys. She starts to studies us, so I take this opportunity to do the same for her. She has loose curly hair hanging carelessly out of a sleeping with sirens beanie and light freckles dusted under both of her extraordinary brown eyes. She's wearing a black basketball shirt that says 'Victory 68' and black skinny jeans with the knees sliced reveling a scar on her left knee, she had it topped of with a pair of black and white All time low converse shoes.


Hey guys I know it's not the best first chapter but I had to keep on re-writing it cuz every time I tried to save it it deleted. Wow that was a long sentence. Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you continue to read the book, I will try to update very soon.


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