Under your spell

Emma is an 18 year old girl with a dream to be a famous singer/songwriter. Her other dream is to date Ashton Irwin from her favourite band 5SOS. However, her chances to date him are not very high. When they meet it's love at first sight but will it last? Will Emma still pursue her singing dreams? Or will she realise she may be under his spell? Read to find out!!


3. The date

A week later I received a message from an unknown number. The message read "Hey Emma, I hope you don't mind that I messaged. I was wondering if you wanted to meet up at the park today? It's ok if your busy, but message me back when you can! Love Ashton xx"

I messaged Ashton back and wrote "Hey Ashton! No I'm not busy so I'd love to hang out! Where do you want to meet? Love Emma xx"

Here's our messages after that:

(E=Emma A=Ashton)

A) " I can pick you up if you like. I have your address remember?"

E) " Oh yea sure what time?"

A) " Um maybe about 11:30am? We could have lunch?"

E) " Oh um sure do you want me to bring anything?"

A) " Just your smile;)"

E) ;)" Okay see you then?"

A) " Bye <3"

He sent me a heart? How sweet! I thought to myself after his message.

It was now 11:00am so I was almost ready to go.

I had decided to wear my black tank top with black skinny jeans and my black vans.


Once I was ready to go I heard a beep at the front if my house. Right on time! I thought to myself.

I walked outside and saw Ashton resting against the side of his car. "Hey Ashton!" I said. "Hey!" He said walking up to me and kissing my cheek. How sweet!!! I thought as I began to blush.


Once we arrived at the park Ashton got a picnic blanket and a basket out of the boot of his car. "What's this?" I said as he sat down next to me. " Just some lunch." He answered.

After we ate lunch he offered for me to come to his house. "Sure." I answered.

Once we got back to his house, we decided to watch a movie. We decided to watch a romance movie.

After the movie had finished Ashton turned to me and I turned to him. "Thank you for today, it was really nice!" I said. "My pleasure. Call me Ash." He said with a smile showing his beautiful dimples. Before I had a chance to answer I found his warm lips against mine.

A/N thank you so much for reading. Sorry for the long chapter! Like, favourite and comment!

Yours truly, Kate💞

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