Under your spell

Emma is an 18 year old girl with a dream to be a famous singer/songwriter. Her other dream is to date Ashton Irwin from her favourite band 5SOS. However, her chances to date him are not very high. When they meet it's love at first sight but will it last? Will Emma still pursue her singing dreams? Or will she realise she may be under his spell? Read to find out!!


11. Teasing.

Emma's POV

When I woke up I found a sleeping Ashton. He looked so peaceful. I leant over and lightly kissed his nose. As I looked at him his eyes fluttered open looking deeply into mine.

"Good morning princess." He said to me.

"Good morning handsome." I responded with a cheeky grin playing on my lips.

Suddenly he sat up and lifted me so I was straddling him. "Yes?" I questioned as he sat staring at me. He smirked. I tried to get away when he started tickling my sides. "Ashton,I- I w-w-won't gi-give you any k-kisses today i-if you don't st-stop." I threatened. He then pressed his lips against mine. I pulled away. He pouted. "Why did you leave?" He asked. "You must apologise for tickling your princess." I giggled. "I'm sorry ma'am, now can I apologise with a kiss?" He asked. "Someone's eager." I said, he laughed.

He smashed his lips to mine as we had a passionate make-out session.

I pulled away again. "You're such a tease!" He claimed, I laughed. "Maybe later." I answered, he agreed as we made our way down for breakfast.

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