Under your spell

Emma is an 18 year old girl with a dream to be a famous singer/songwriter. Her other dream is to date Ashton Irwin from her favourite band 5SOS. However, her chances to date him are not very high. When they meet it's love at first sight but will it last? Will Emma still pursue her singing dreams? Or will she realise she may be under his spell? Read to find out!!


5. Home

After Ashton drove me home and dropped me off a couple houses back I walked up to the front door.

Your dead

I thought to myself as I turned my key in the lock.

When I opened the door it was silent. I took a step inside and my mum walked down the stairs.

"Where have you been Emma!?" She asked coming to give me a hug.

"I slept over at Addison's?" I responded more as a question than an answer.

"Oh thank goodness you're okay!" She said burying herself in the crook of my neck.

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