She was just a bet

Meet Savannah Ania Haughton ,4 years ago she was teased and harrashed in high school by the biggest boy band out to date, thats right one direction but with obstacles of her own to face she suffered the one thing she never thought would happened and would sting so much . Being betted on not only to loose her virginity but for Football Tickets. Being humiliated and embarressed with a secret she hasnt told anyone about a special someone they shared is hard considering she hasnt seen him since the break up . What happened to them in 4 years and what happens when they meet again will things be different ,will he excpet her for who she is and move on as friends or will someone else intervien and try to ruin her even worse and take the last bit of hope that she has left of finding the one person who will love her unconditionally . Just wait ,read and find out more . This is She was just a Bet featuring Zayn Malik & Liam Payne .


3. -Thoughts on the first 2 Chapter-



Hello everyone my name is Imani and I am the author of she was just a bet . I am currently working on the 3rd chapter and i am almost finished but i wanted to post chapter 2 so i can get your thoughts on it . Wheather i should continue the story or just do something else . ANyway i might be in need of some characters for the story soon so there might be a character giveaway going on . Just have to keep your eyes out .


-Also i am very excited it has been 2 years since ive been back in the writing game and i just want to know if my writing is good or does it still need some work . Your opinions will make a huge difference and will help me out alot Good & Bad . so dont be shy i dont bite and if you have any ideas for the story or what you think should happen then let me know your thoughts .

-talk to you later hope everyone is having a amazing Saturday -

                                           God Bless -xoxo imani -


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