She was just a bet

Meet Savannah Ania Haughton ,4 years ago she was teased and harrashed in high school by the biggest boy band out to date, thats right one direction but with obstacles of her own to face she suffered the one thing she never thought would happened and would sting so much . Being betted on not only to loose her virginity but for Football Tickets. Being humiliated and embarressed with a secret she hasnt told anyone about a special someone they shared is hard considering she hasnt seen him since the break up . What happened to them in 4 years and what happens when they meet again will things be different ,will he excpet her for who she is and move on as friends or will someone else intervien and try to ruin her even worse and take the last bit of hope that she has left of finding the one person who will love her unconditionally . Just wait ,read and find out more . This is She was just a Bet featuring Zayn Malik & Liam Payne .


2. 4 Years Later : A Birthday Surprise well never forget

Chapter 2- 4 years later 
Every single day I think about what zayn Malik has done to me . He used me and took my virginity . Although I gladly gave it to him but I thought I was ready and in love with him . Oh I was sooooooo wrong . Growing up I was the geek. I was a straight a student and I did everything right . The day zayn broke up with me changed my life . I lost not only my " boyfriend " best and only friend Jasmin but I also lost my mother that same day . She died during surgery from an accident . That day I just broke down  and lost it . I thought about dying and not being in the world anymore . What's the point my mom and my bestfriend is gone and there was no one there to support me . But then I almost forgot about the small being in my stomach and that was my daughter Saige Kristinia Malik . you haven't figured it out I had zayn's daughter . He doesn't even know about her and I plan on keeping it that way. It's been 4 years since I've been home and I miss it . I miss the places but not the people . I have my best friend back ,she found me on facebook and found out she is in the states as well for school . She knows about saige and is a great aunt to her niece. I told her I didn't want zayn to know about her and she kept my secret .
 But she thinks I should come clean and tell him . Saige looks just like her dad but she acts just like me and I'm afraid she is going to get hurt by him . The other reason I don't want saige calling perrie mom or stepmom . That bitch and her crew gave me hell all 4 1/2 years of my life and I can't stand her . I couldn’t go back to school after zayn broke up with me . I don't think I could last a.second without breaking down and his friends teasing me . 

When he told me he never was interested and that I was just a bet for money and football I never trusted anyone ever again . I wanted to go and talk to my mom but when I got to the hospital she was already pronounced dead . And I never got a.chance to say goodbye . It was just me and saige at her funeral . Mom didn't have any family she was disowned after she had me . The only person who talk to us was my grams . I always felt like I was destened to be alone . I'm the cause of everything . When zayn and I was together he made me forget all my problems at home . He made me feel like I human . He made me feel like I mattered . He went with me to my doctor appointment when my mom couldn't and he promised Me he was going to be there . That part hurt the most . I had no one to wake up to when I got out of surgery . I cried myself to sleep because I was alone and unwanted . I felt ugly and disgusting and all that was because of zayn javaad Malik . But let me not dwell on the past anymore . I forgave her father and thats what I have to do forgive . But there is one thing I will never do a day in my life my and that is forget. 

Today was saige's birthday and she was turning 5 years old years old and I'm the proudest mom in the world . I love this little girl to death . I forgave zayn for what him and his friends did to me because in order for me to move on and take care of her ,I had to forgive him . I’ve always wondered what happened with him and now I know . He audition for a singing competition called the x-factor along with his girlfriend Perrie .ugh . He made third place and perrie and her girl group made first . Zayn is in an all boy group called one direction and saige is in love with them . She wants to audition for the show but she is still too little and has 5 more years to go . Her favorite member is her dad and Louis and then liam ,niall and harry .  Jasmin was in town and wanted to spend time with saige for her birthday . She told me she had a special surprise for saige and I was curious to know what this special surprise was. I just hope it wasn't what I thought it was . 

I know I told nia I would keep her secret from my brother but I think he has the right to know ,that he has a child . He always wanted kids but with perrie . What he did to nia was straight up wrong and for that I hadn't spoken to him in 2 years until he came to see me and said we had to have a brother and sister talk ,I forgave him .I lost a great friend . To be honest I think nia was a good girl for him . Even mom liked her . She hates perrie and so do I . I just hope once he sees nia again that he's gonna think she was beautiful . I know she dislikes herself . But she is beautiful and saige is just like her mother .  I just hope zayn sees that and perrie better not say anything about her or my niece ,or else its  going to be on like donkey Kong . I know zayn is going to be furious because I knew about saige but I really don't care this is payback for what he did to nia and making me lose my best friend back at high school . I was outside waiting for nia and saige because nia had texted and said she was about 5 minutes away . She was  walking and she didn't have a car . I feel bad . She has been going threw a lot and has been struggling with her heart condition . There might be a chance that she has to go under again And she might not make it . I'm scared for her and saige . Saige doesn't know and I know she knows something is wrong with her mom . She sees it just like I see it . As a tear came down my eyes I heard an angelic voice . "Aunty jassy ." "Princess saige . " I bend down to her level and picked her up and said "happy birthday little one . " she smiled and hugged me and said "thank you " . I looked over at nia who was walking up to us and I know something is wrong . "You okay " " yeah I'm fine I just need something to drink its really hot in dc today . "I brought her and saige into the venue and told the bouncers they were with me . We walk into the room and I sit saige down on the couch . I walk over to the fridge and got 3 water bottles. I went back over to the girls and gave one to them  and kept one for myself . I took a sip from my bottle and as I went to put it away . Saige asked the most important question . " aunty jassy was is my surprise . " "Saige? " 
"What " she said smiling.I couldn’t help but to laugh. I then said "Nia its fine " I looked at saige and said "are you sure your ready for your present little one ."  The boys were doing a concert today and a meet and greet ,I placed her name on the list but I hope no one noticed that I accidently put Malik .instead of nia's last name . " I bend down and said "saige do you know who is right next door to us." She shook her head nervously but excited at the same time . " I smiled and said " well there name is one direction " I swear if pigs could fly my nieces eyes flew out of her head. She screamed soo loud .I thought I was gonna go death but I love this monkey butt . "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh"." I looked over at nia and knew she was upset .saige went over to her mom and said"mommy were going to see one direction ,I get to see zay-zay ." 
When aunty Jas told me I get to see zayn and the rest of the boys  I was excited . I have a feeling that me and him are related I don't know how ,but I want to find out . I want to ask my mommy but I'm scared what she is going to tell me . When I look in her direction I saw she was upset about something I don't know if it was seeing the boys but I wanted to make her feel better . I ran over to her and said "mommy thank you for giving me life. I love you " she wrapped her arms around me tight and said " I love you too and I'm glad I gave you life too . " I knew she was crying because I felt tears coming down on my shoulder . I released my hug from mommy and I looked in her eyes and she was crying . I whipped her tears away and said " mommy don't cry,please don't cry ." " I'm not crying because I'm sad saige I'm crying because I'm happy . "  I knew that was particularly the reason but it was more then that.  I can feel it.  After whipping my mother's tears away I gave her a Kiss on the cheek.  And said lets go.  

My little girl is the best in the world. I'm so happy she didn't turn out like zayn.  Speaking of him my fear came true.  Now he is gonna hate me even more. He is probably gonna have the boys beat me up and him and perrie are gonna laugh in my face just like high school. NIA stop it.  Its not high school anymore.  I don't know if I can do it ,face him or see him again will he know its me right off the bat.or will he not remember. I feel like I'm about to pass out.  I came too when saige told or basically yelled she was ready.  Me and Jasmin laughed and despite how upset I am I realized that this isn't about me . This is about saige and her special day.  I'm happy she gets to meet the guys but i swear if zayn or Perry says anything about my child or my past I swear I will go off.  I don't care about their perfect image I'm done letting them belittle me I let them do it all throughout high school this time I'm fighting back if I have to . 
*skipping the walk to the meet and greet* 
While going over next door saige couldn’t be happier. She had on her Zayn Malik t-shirt with some shorts her hair was in a high ponytail and curls brushed out. Believe it or not she looks just like me and Zayn but more so Zayn. We finally arrived next door I felt like I was going to faint. I stopped at the door I couldn’t do this. I know I said I would do this for Saige but I can't I'm still hurt by everything he has done and knowing him and his friends are in the second room. Jass was right by me. I placed my hand on her arm and pulled her back, as she stopped she looked at me confused and said "what's wrong?" "Jass you know what's wrong I haven’t seem him in 4 years I can't do this." Jas placed both of her hands on my shoulders and said "nia breathe and calm down okay. You’d be surprise Zayn and the others are grown up still kids but more mature. But as for zayn I think its time that you and him have that reunion. If you don't do it for yourself then do it for Saige. I thought about it for a second and before I could say anything I heard Saige's voice. "Mommy someone wants to see you.  "I looked down and saw that she wasn’t alone. I looked up and there he was holding his daughter's hand. If only he knew.  

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