She was just a bet

Meet Savannah Ania Haughton ,4 years ago she was teased and harrashed in high school by the biggest boy band out to date, thats right one direction but with obstacles of her own to face she suffered the one thing she never thought would happened and would sting so much . Being betted on not only to loose her virginity but for Football Tickets. Being humiliated and embarressed with a secret she hasnt told anyone about a special someone they shared is hard considering she hasnt seen him since the break up . What happened to them in 4 years and what happens when they meet again will things be different ,will he excpet her for who she is and move on as friends or will someone else intervien and try to ruin her even worse and take the last bit of hope that she has left of finding the one person who will love her unconditionally . Just wait ,read and find out more . This is She was just a Bet featuring Zayn Malik & Liam Payne .


1. 4 years ago :Where it all began

4 years ago:

Today's the day I'm telling her ,I'm telling her the truth.I've been dating "My girlfriend" nia for 6 months and  I've been doing it for a bet . The bet was to see how long it could take me to loose her virginity . Everyone knows she was a virgin. She was a goody too shoes and did no wrong and everyone in the crew wanted to see how she would act . I knew her since we were 3 years old she is actually best friends with my sis jasmin.  I know it's wrong and Jas will probably never speak to me after this but I did it for the money and soccer tickets . Truth was I had a girlfriend her name was perrie . God she was beautiful she was just my type and nia wasn't . I faked all the stuff I said to her just to use her . Even after she told me her life story . The thing  I wasn't happy about was her reaction . Nia was an emotional person when she was sad or upset you can tell . I had just gotten home from dropping perrie off to work and I had to admit I was nervous but the bet was done and I no longer had to play pretend . When I got into the house nia and Jas was in the living laying down talking . They didn't hear me come in to I decided to listen to the conversation.  " when are you gonna tell him " Jas said " I don't know Jas I guess when he gets home , I'm scared we never even talked about this . " talk about what . What does she have to tell me .  I decided that now was my chance . I walked into the living and they both looked up and saw me . " hey babe " nia said she got up from her position and walked over to me and pecked my lips I didn't kiss back cause i didn't feel the same way .
I was nervous as Hell because nia has a heart condition and is having surgery next weekend and i promised her I would be there and I'm really not . I know I didn't like and love her but i dont want anything to happen to her . She noticed that I wasn't happy and she asked me what's wrong . " we need to talk " she had a feeling this wasn't going to be a good conversation and she is thinking that then she is right . 

We walked into my bedroom and I closed the door behind me . She tried to reach for me but I stopped her . "Did I do something wrong ? " I took a deep breath and said " there is something I have to tell you ? " she went to sit in my chair and said "go on" , " nia,I'm breaking up with you " when I said that I was silence in the room I wasn't looking  at her because I didn't want to see her cry .  She finally spoke and said " can I ask why? " I looked up at her and couldn't tell her emotion . " to be honest , you were just a bet to me and that's all . " " I never really liked you and I just used you for the money and football(soccer) tickets . " " the bet was to see how long it took to take your virginity and since we've had sex already it's no longer a reason for us to be in a relationship . " I looked up at her and she was like in a trance just staring at Me . ".  "Nia say something " "  I'm glad you got what you wanted zayn " the way she said it was shaky and sound like it hurt her to say that . " did you mean any of the things you said to me " " no " I said heartless . " so you never loved me and you're not going to be there for my surgery next weekend " when she said that it was clear she was about to break .  "No I didn't mean it and no I'm not going to be there I never was " .nia looked down at the ground and was trying to hold back from crying . She then got up and said "I guess I should go , goodbye zayn " and she left . I followed her out the room and stayed at the door. The living room was close by so I could hear everything . "Nia what's wrong " , "I have to go jasmin I'm sorry " "nia tell me what happened with zayn ? " I walked out halfway and listened to her " I can't Jas please I just need to go ." I now know that nia was crying and hurt . "Nia ? Jas said . She didn't say anything just started walking away ,I saw her going to the door and Jas called her name again . ".NIA" she stopped and turned around when she saw me in the hallway she had tears in her eyes and said "ask your brother " and left . 

After spring break was over nia never came back to school or showed up at the house to see Jasmin . I went by her house just to check on her and to talk and the house was empty and she had left . Found out she sent a message to Jas and said she was okay ,and that she will miss her .she felt unwanted and unloved here that she decided to go and live with her grandma in the states . And she hoped to see Jas again soon . After that she asked me what I did to her and I told her . Jas was pissed off with me  and we stopped speaking to each other . I know what I did was wrong but I really need the money and all nia was was a bet and that's it . Nothing more i just hope it was the case . 



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