How we started {C.H}

Skylar is your average musical gal. One Day at the music store, Skylar bumps into 5sos. But something catches Skylars eye... Calum.


2. 'Twas all a dream...

soooo I just wanted to clear up the fact that the last chapter was Skylars dream. None of that actually happened. Twas all a dream. This chapter will be longer, I promise! Comment, like, share, and plz follow. Be prepared. For all dem fangirls out there, some of these chapter will mess with your feels! 


I step into the warm music store. Raindrops slide down my clothes. I look at the brand new guitars lined up on the walls. I walk around the store till I find a guitar that I like. It's a bass guitar. I guess I'm pretty short and I don't see any worker in sight so I decide to try to grab it on my own. I. Can. reach. It! I can't reach it. "ya' need a little help with that?" I turn around only to see the one, the only, 5sos. I act cool sometimes especially when I meet new people but usually screw it up. "Uhh, yeah..." I quietly confess. Calum steps up toword the guitar and takes it off the hanger on the wall. He picks it up like its nothing. Well I'm not surprised. He hands me the   Guitar and I slightly blush. "There you go..." He pauses. "Skylar." I finish. He steps back a little. "Skylar. That's a cute name." I blush madly. "Awwww! Calum's crushing on Skylar!" Michael sings. "Michael! Seriously." He glares at him. Calum looks back at me. "I'll buy you this bass guitar because I like being..." He pauses and puts his fists on his hips and says,"CAL-PAL!" I giggle and the rest of the boys look at "Cal-Pal" like he magically turned into a narwhal. "T-thanks." I smile. After he buys me the guitar the lads all give me a hug. When I hug Calum, I swear, I mean I swear, he slipped something into the pocket of my book bag. My life has changed from that point on. That is 


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