How we started {C.H}

Skylar is your average musical gal. One Day at the music store, Skylar bumps into 5sos. But something catches Skylars eye... Calum.



"Again, thanks for buying me the guitar. I wanted to get one because I like music and I wanted to have one to ya know, try to make a song or something like that." After I finished my 172573920 year long speech, me and the boys decided to play Fifa. I'm not good at Fifa but I like it. After Calum and Michael's fight about the scores, we all settled down and just laughed and had fun. I just met them like 20 minutes ago and know they act like they know me. They were actually surprised that I live alone and that I'm only 17. #Lawbreaker "so Skylar, what are you doing?" Luke peeks at my phone. I hide my phone under the tons of pillows. "I was just writing a story." I nervously say. Luke raises. an eyebrow. "Which may or may not be fanfic about 5sos and how my life has changed so far by meeting them." I stammer. "Ok so you aren't writing a story about us meeting you?" Luke grins. Oh god...

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