How we started {C.H}

Skylar is your average musical gal. One Day at the music store, Skylar bumps into 5sos. But something catches Skylars eye... Calum.


5. Prank goes wrong...

*time skip the part when Skylar and the boys prank Luke while he's sleeping cuz' I'm lazy and it's pretty boring....* 

Skylarrrrrssssss POV!

"Guys! Stap!!!!!! It's so cold! Why?! Help! FBI! Security! Mom! Halp!" I scream as the boys chase me around the house and we run outside and I jump into the pool, I'm my She's Kinda Hot t-shirt and some leggings. Now I have to do laundry. Yay! Note the sarcasm. I come up to catch my breath. The boys stand on the edge of the pool, laughing their butts as I'm soaked in water, in my Pajammies, on a cold fall morning. Just great. I climb out of the pool and grab a towel of the towel rack. I wrap myself like a burrito and sit down on one of the chairs. Then I hear screaming and then BOOM! The boys cannonball into the pool. I take off my towel and what the heck! I join them. This is weird cause' it's November, it's about 50 something degrees outside, and were in the pool. What a great way to have fun with 5sos in the middle of fall! I can just imagine what'll happen in the future. 

Soooo guys how was it?! Thanks you guys so so so much for all the views! I'm kinda new to this so I never expected this! Comment, like, follow, and share! Also I might take in request to add you as a character in my story and maybe I can make you date your fave 5sos boy just so ya know. Until next time my friend! Bye!


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